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January 01, 2009




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"which way to the orange bowl parade?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, due to the recession and the fact that we did not receive a bailout, THIS is your 2009 Rose Bowl Parade."

Smallest? Two people there ...

I din't see another person followin' me when I paraded to the bathroom this mornin' ... merely sayin' ...

But, O, were you wearing your Santa hat and playing a drum?

"naps_collectors"?? Well, I suppose any parade, however small, would have the effect of "collecting" your nap...

Where's the Grand Marshall? drunk again?

OH and Happy New Year everyone!!

Siouxie, did you catch the great Jeff Stahler cartoon on the New Year's thread (entered 9:48 AM)...?

*throws shoe at Steve*

which cartoon?? *G*

LOL it was pretty funny.

It looks incredibly warm and nice there. There is something to be thankful for in the new year while the rest of us are fuh-reezing!

hopes as soon as she took the shot, judi ran out to join the parade, as did all her neighbors until eventually it was an enormous spectacular new years parade.

any nice outdoor activity would be nice. it's 7 deg, icy, and with a howling wind. but the sun IS out......but apparently not working.

re; "naps collectors" they were students collecting for a program called NAPS. i gave them a few bucks because it sure seems like a good cause. but since i don't really know, i didn't want to post about it in the main post... http://www.napsoc.org/

g' ... there wuz sum drummin' goin' on ... not sure where tho, seemed to be inside my head, since even the puppies din't wake up ...

Don't own a Santa-type hat ... the one I wear when sleepin' is ... nicer ...

That picture makes me happy!

Happy New Year All!

This picture makes me happy!

Happy New Year All!!

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