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January 29, 2009


It's finally starting to pay off.

(Thanls to DavCat)


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If you need to be reminded each month then you're really not living with it.

But remembering to be diplomatic and supportive cannot be stressed enough.

I used to check the package of pills to see where we were.

"Women can sign up to send reminders to up to five men in their life."

If there are 5 men in your life that need to know this, you may not be at the stage where the reminders are a benefit...

So there's a difference between pre-, during-, and post-MS?

whacks braniff upside the head with a bottle of vicoden and a empty beer bottle.


Thanks, cg. I was about to do that.

*whacks braniff again*

I repeat:

Smart man.

Admittedly there were times during my past life when I could have benefitted from this service.Mother,sister,wife ,daughter,secretary,school teachers,Bank tellers,store clerks,cops,and especially the bitch that worked in the post office.

You're lucky I was only PMSing. I could have gone postal.

reminds me of the funniest tv sit-com episode ever - the 'rosanne' show when rosanne had pms on dan's birthday. sheer genius.

Very funny, Meanie. Don't even think that gets you off the hook. Flowers don't work. That's just a weak attempt to placate someone. Usually it backfires. "Are you blaming my anger on PMS?" That means you're not taking it seriously.

Respect the anger! Or we'll harvest your kidneys while you sleep!

Besides, we ladies know enough to schedule PMS type moments during the rest of the month, just to confuse you.

big fan of blaming pms myself. course i've had a hard time explaining 28 days of bitchiness broken up by two days of just plain tired and grouchy.

Off the hook? I wasn't aware that I had the responsibility for endowing the feminine population with this affliction. If so, apologies for my crime and my ignorance.

Underlying my little jokes above is the classic dilemma. With all due respect, deference and every other form of consideration except the empathy that we wouldn't dare suggest that we might be capable of conveying, please advise exactly what you would have us guys of the Y-chromosomal variety do that isn't placating under these conditions.

Should we get lost, or pretend it's not happening and everything is perfectly normal?

I don't know what works for you, but I have found that acknowledging the condition, while acknowledging that I don't (and can't) fully appreciate the accompanying frustration at the pain of the moment and its inevitable recurrence, has saved me, so far, from complete destruction. And, yes, with that understanding, humor about the condition has even gone over without my head ending up on a platter.

*Orders KidneyGuard™*

Men- in most cases there is Absolutely Nothing you can do, because we must be mad at you. But in retrospect, the fact that you made the effort is very endearing and reminds us why we love you so.
MTB, you are way ahead of the game.

Meanie, you're a wonderful guy and all, but heaven help you when menopause hits the woman in your life.
That is non-stop PMSing, with hot flashes and night sweats thrown in. I once counted hot flashes at work - bright red face, sweaty brow, and bulgy eyes - and I had about 40 of them in just the hours BEFORE lunch. If that doesn't make you a wild-eyed b!t@h from He!!, I don't know what does !!!

Anything from one to five days notice can be specified, allowing for warnings of various degrees of danger in the form of yellow, green and red alerts.

I wasn't aware that this issue rated right up there with terrorism and that Homeland Security needed to be involved.

*puts husband on red alert*

*snorks at Meanie*

Of course, I am not currently PMS'ing. Which is why it wasn't *smacks Meanie*.

Nothing personal. ;)

I think I occasionally exhibit PMS behavior. It seems to be the only time that, when I am my usual (?) crabby, demanding, hair-trigger-temper self, my husband and children back off, instead of inviting more response from me.

Personally, I don't think I'm any different from any other day, but evidently I'm giving off some "don't #&@% with me" vibe.

NotSherly's right, Meanie. There's really nothing you can do. But watching the simpleton male thought process of "Oh, it must be PMS. To survive, I'll sit quietly and offer these flowers as a sacrifice" irks us even more.

Think about the last time you got really mad. What if your wife's first reaction was to check your calendar for a 'chemical imbalance'? Would you feel good? Of course not. You'd feel that you weren't being taken seriously.

Wanna see something worse than PMS? Try accusing a woman of PMS when she's not PMS'ing. Grrrrr.... ;)
Worse than asking a fat woman when's she due.

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