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January 31, 2009


These guys play without pads.
(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Runner-up? So what was in the picture that won?

I thought we had pantsless German hikers yesterday.

Did they make the extra point?


Yeah, the enlargement on the linked page isn't as sharp as I'd like to see it, so my SEWAG would be either a short lens or not as much Megs as one should p'haps wanna have for truly outstanding "nature" pix ...

and, yeah, o'b's ... I'd like to see the winner ...

Go Pittsburg!

(You may notice I did not type Pittsburgh. There's a good reason for that.)

First there was The Refrigerator,now there's The Large Freezer Plant.

'They appear to be nasty, but injuries are extremely rare. They bare their teeth and flap their arms around, but after giving each other a few slaps they basically run away from each other'.

So basically they are just spanking the monkey.

They bare their teeth and flap their arms around, but after giving each other a few slaps they basically run away from each other.

Honey? does this fur make my butt look big??

Judging by the reaction, it seems the answer given was "yes".


Let this be a lesson to all men.

Typically guys - all show and no go.

I have a pic of my son when he was about 4, sitting against the glass window of the gorilla compound at the zoo. One of the big males came over and tried to share a turnip with my son through the glass. Turns out he liked kids and was lonely. Poor guy.

*swipes 'ly' from prior post*
The monkey made me do it. :)

They urge everyone to keep on snapping.

Annie, that's been my excuse more times than I'd care to remember.

Photoshopped out of the picture: a basketball and a boom box.

Annie - that's why I don't like zoos. They just make me sad.

Great Picture!!

I'd also be pissed if I was locked up in a zoo.

Wow1 Many thanks for enjoying so nice shot. Looking for more great pics from you!

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