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January 25, 2009


This is how they do it in Defiance.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Is anyone going to fix the BOT? You can't link, no HTML, it sucks (if they don't 'bleep' that).

Oh, and Squirrel Collection WBAGNFARB.

Good morning.

Some people live such incredibly exciting lives!

*passes Jeff some coffee and a shiney red gumball*

Mornin' Jeff!

As for the squirrels......I approve the posthumas humiliation.

Jeff - a well-placed source within the Barry administration tells me that high-level negotiations with the TypePad regime are underway to secure withdrawal of the most objectionable of the recent changes. Unconfirmed reports have also surfaced of a possible mission by Jack Bauer to reinforce the administration's position.

"When you're middle-aged it's kind of difficult to come up with imaginative Christmas presents for your spouse, but it was probably the best Christmas present I ever gave him," Jacquie Nadler said.

I hear ya, sister.

I gave one of these to Mr. R a couple of years ago:


He was thrilled.

Cat - I hit one of those with my car once on my way to Vegas. The antlers made a heckuva mess.

"Since they are screwed into wood, they didn't succeed."
Now there's an epitaph for ya.

As for the bot issues, alcohol AND squirrels were involved.

You can tell it's the St Louis paper...who else would have mentioned the brand of beer?

Yay! Looks like they're put back HTML support, so here's Cat's link.

"...and four squirrels playing in a band."

Give it up for the Rock Bottom Rodents.

That's more like it!

We need to get over 50 comments on a thread to see if the comments per page limit was fixed, too. If not, Jack will really need to swing into action before Monday night.

Forgot to check one more thing .... Ah, all is well.

As P.T. Bridgeport would say:

⇨ R ✹ E ✹ J ✹ O ✹ I ✹ C ✹ E ! ⇦

Are they ever going to let us post our email addresses again? Why would I ever want to link to the time of the comment????

Whattya call a dozen taxidermied squirrels?

A good start!

This may be a better idea with dealing with the squirrel problem: the pneumatic squirrel cannon.

>they were playing poker and drinking Busch beer.<

Just need a scene with four or five peeing on the wall.

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