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January 26, 2009


Here's your next governor.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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What?! An American teenager that wants to uphold justice and protect people??? Toss him in jail and throw away the key!

(And his 12 yr old brother can then waltz in and pretend to be an officer to break him out.)

No, he'd never make it as governor. He has no "malice or ill intent."

I was walking past the Good Morning America studio this morning just as Governor Blago walked out. Everyone wanted to get his views about his upcoming impeachment, but I should have aked him about 14-year old cops.

OK -- I admit it -- I'm from "Illinois -- where our Governors make our license plates."

Even back then, he knew:


(Sorry - won't allow hotlink).

In many ways, Blago IS a 14-year-old boy, alas. Unfortunately he didn't just want to 'ride along'; he had to go and take the wheel.

no worries, mama. there's lots of us around here.

Yesterday I posted a link to a Chicago police blog in the "Phuket" thread that discussed this same story.

According to Second City Cop, and contrary to the AP article Dave linked to, the kid was actually issued both a car and a partner (!) and did actually, at one point, drive the patrol car. Apparently the boy had enough knowledge of Chicago PD lingo and procedures that the cops believed he was a transfer from another precinct.

The good news: At least they found somebody willing to be a Chicago cop...

Is our ossifers learning?

From another post at Second City Cop:

Many of our commentators back mom's story and verify the kid drove the car. For more than a little while. He also got a locker, checked out a ticket book and rode back-up on in-progress calls. There's also a number of other inconsistencies in the "official" story that are sure to be debunked in our comment section.

Remember - it's not a Rule Violation (for police administrators) to lie to the media, it's encouraged...

Also some observations on the apparent total lack of security at Chicago police stations. Just go over to Second City Cop and scroll down...

They realized he wasn't a real Chicago cop when he completed a shift without slappin' some fool around.

Thank you, twojar. We like it too.

Blago could have avoided a lot of hostility by simply following thru with his original pick for Senator...

Dead give away, he didn't eat any donuts!

Cat, how 'bout you and me hit Ebay and get ourselves a job?

Can I carry a nightstick? I'm in!

I found a 'nightstick' for you Cat. It needs batteries, though. ;)

I have extra batteries.

Of course you do. :)

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