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January 26, 2009


When you send your child off into the world, all alone, to live in a foreign nation where he's unable to speak the language ("I'm knackered, mate; let's nip round the pub for some bangers and mash"), it helps to know the people of that nation have kind and welcoming hearts...


...and that they'll be there to lend a hand, even if he inadvertently makes some sort of cultural blunder.



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must be a lawyer's office

British pub. Good luck finding something 'hung' in there.

And what, may I ask, is wrong with bangers and mash, or pie and gravy, or fish & chips with mushy peas?

judi, I take it the child is well.

Nothing, Mot. Butt, I draw the line at spotted dick.


My favotite is bubble and squeak.Bangers and mash are so so in my book,but a good Cornish pasty is a marvelous meal.For desert I want trifle,or at least whim wham.What would breakfast be without jugged kippers?

Thanks for noticing.

Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, ye scurvy dogs. Why donch ya'll speak Yunited States, fer cryin' out loud!

ron, you've named them? Which one of your favotites is Bubble, and which one is Squeak?

I draw the line at spotted dick.
Posted by: Siouxie | January 26, 2009 at 03:33 PM

Wouldn't you have more fun connecting the dots?

Be glad they weren't there during the summer olympics, where a TV announcer once stated that a weightlifter "got the snatch before the hooter", which I *think* is a foreplay faux pas, but maybe not in the UK.

And not to mention toad in the hole and steak & kidney pie

Annie, good thinking. I may even use an ink pen ;-P

blunt hobo - If they're doing it right, the hooter should be "got" before the snatch. Annie told me.

I think we all know here that you just don't mess with judi or her child. So other countries be advised.

What kind of place is it that expects abuse?

Punkin - the Registry of Motor Vehicles?

I would be pleased right now to send my "child" to a foreign country, as he somehow downloaded that "MS AntiVirus" Trojan onto his computer, and I've had to scan it three times so far to get rid of it. Grrrrrr. And I thought I'd told him how to use protection!

*rim shot for Guin*

What kind of place is it that expects abuse?

Regardless, I'm sure they weren't expecting the (wait for it) Spanish Inquisition.

Thank yew ver' much.

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

(Don't get me started...)

*Takes keys out of Punkin's ignition*

*throws away the key*

Argument or abuse?

Argument or abuse?


My daughter made it home alive from London. That could be on the hospital she had to go to... She was only there a week, but it was a looooong week....

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