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January 02, 2009



(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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"one researcher is creating an artificial vagina to entice the 2,200-pound Pacific walrus into sexual acts that can be measured and quantified."

Guess who's the new guy at the aquarium...

Nice iPhone, Walter.

Walter clearly has no brain.

Take that Siouxie's Bat!


That phone is not connected.

Neither is Walter.

Like other members of their species, they are gregarious, surprisingly agile and prone to blowing snot on whatever or whomever is nearby.

What snot to love?

Whatever blows your skirt up there Dr. Muraco.

I suggest trying a different phone connection...

Oo (that's) sik.

That's what I love about Six Flags: The artificial vajiji's. WAY better than the ones at Disneyworld.

Here in Hawaii, we feature the real deal.

Isn't there something missing from the list of walrus vital statistics at the end of the article?
Perhaps Walter should phone it in.

I was looking for something to take out that article to illustrate the point that "guys are guys, whatever the species" but that turned out to be pretty much the whole article.

Walruses Gone Wild now available on late night commercials for $19.95. If you order now in the next 30 minutes, they'll also send you Manatees Barely 18 FREE.

Any species that can hold its breath for ten minutes has evolved to prolong foreplay.

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