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January 28, 2009


Man indicted for mailing animal feces

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Funny,I was thinking of doing this to the next person that tells me we don't have winters like the old days.[Busily filling wood box ahead of another foot of incoming fluffy stuff].

That's a first class package.

This has been your Creeping Faecism Update.

Interesting the high quality journalism has come to these days, umm, anyone think to mention why the guy might have mailed the poop? Maybe he had a valid reason, maybe it was for a life-saving fecal transplant... we will never know

*snork!* at oneblankspace

Minnehaha County Clerk of Courts.

I don't think they're laughing in Minnehaha.

Maybe just a little.

The Letter, unpublished version

Gimme some tp for this here port-a-john
Ain't got nothin' else round here for goin' on
Bowel control is gone, can't keep holdin' on
No choice, it's goin' on this letter

I don't care how rough it feels here on my end
Got to get my behind all clean again
Toilet paper's gone, just an empty john
No choice, I'm using this letter

*Please - no lighters*

*ewwwwwwwwsnork* @ Meanie!

He mailed it in a letter, like, an envelope?
I'm surprised it wasn't damaged by the Post Office.

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