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January 28, 2009


(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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She's too flat anyway.


I love her "splanation"

We've seen this before. Heads up, judi.

This is hilarious. Art Linkletter would have loved this!

She needs one of those backless dresses.

That is just too good! Who were they to judge if it was a pole anyway?

*issues tw a Geezer Bus Pass*

Only us Geezers know who Art Linkletter was.

does that mean I'm an honorary Geezer at 31? I guess I am going grey, so maybe...

We're using that bus from the Alaska post, right?

By the authority vested in me by nobody but myself, cowprintrabbit is hereby granted the title Honorary Geezer, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, such as they are.

Meanie, yes. The left blinker's on and ready to roll.

Is it not our duty as men to support working moms?

Especially pole working moms.


Not so fast, pogo. cpr can't be certified as a geezer until he (she?) can produce three involuntary knee pops going down one flight of stairs.

i'm a geezer. i remember watching art linkletter with my grandma. is that guy still alive? he must be like 95 if he is.

pad - he's not a CERTIFIED geezer, he's an honorary. ;)

Shovel yer moneymaker!!!

That just doesn't sound right.

A friend sent this to me as a joke last year. Why I didn't send it in, I have no idea. But it's been around. Much like the mom in the picture. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

SHE, thank you (my husband can attest to this if needed)

3 knee-pops? How about a knee pop, a hip creak, and an involuntary groan when I realize I've got one more flight to go?

Love that kid.Glad she's not mine.

Chelsea's artwork is improving.

I didn't know who Art Linkletter was, but upon reading his Wikipedia article, I'm very surprised to learn that the idea for the show did not start with Bill Cosby.

Put me on the non-geezer bus. I have a lot to learn from the wise senexes around here.

So, did the kid whose mother really is an exotic dancer draw a picture of her demonstrating lawn mowers?

I'd love to see how Sophie draws Dave at work.

". . . I certainly hope that helped explain things.

Signed, Ms. Tatiana Cannons

I thought the Geezer Bus was that montrosity covered in yarn from last week.

Kids sometimes made those things which we are not expecting from them and sometime they create amazing things which are running in their minds....

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