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January 22, 2009


...that we are linking to this.

WARNING: Not safe for people who do not wish their screen to display a bosom.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who gives her a 9.5)


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At least she looks happy about it!

And...is it just me, or does she look a little chilly...?

Sequins, nipples, and ice. Sounds like some kinky foreplay.

Poor girl. Although, it is a very nice one, so... maybe not so poor.

They came in 12th? They must be really bad skaters.

She's a sharp looking lass, and probably available because - ya know - those skate dudes aren't known for having an interest in that sort of malfunction NTTAWWT.

I give her a 12. Ten for the skating, plus two extra points.

I'll bet the East German judge approved, IYKWIM.

Somebody's gotta say it: Yay for boobies.

CJR - No, what do you mean?

*snork @ Danny!*
Really glad she didn't attempt the 'Flying Camel.'

*adds "toe" to Annie's post*

And that is why God invented nude fabric so that you would LOOK like you were showing skin without actually doing so. Duh.

So, did she pop it back in or did it stay on display for the rest of the dance? Shoddy reporting.

In the interest of figure skating,I'm glad I looked.


And men the world over suddenly developed an extreme interest in figure skating.

Shiver me timber!

Guess there is a reason to watch that dreck. From now on the International Figure Skating Union or whatever it is will require they use butt paste on their tops.

The Ice Cupades?

I think I just did a triple salchow in my pants.

A little nippy out there, ain't it??

Geez, I didn't know that figure skaters had those things!

I guess that's why they're called figure skaters.

thats a new version of a purple nurple

Saw that on a figure skating message board today. I might've known it would be here too. :-)

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

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