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January 28, 2009


...do not click here.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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*first to puke profusely*

?? But I thought you said you wanted your burger rare...

I said no ketchup.

Actually waaaaay worse goes on in restaurant kitchens.

Since I'm eating dinner, I think I'll skip this link.

quote: "The matter now is between the restaurant and Swiecicki, Copley said." (director of health dept)

Correction: the matter is between the restaurant, Swiecicki, and the media circus she convened.

Hey now, just some restaurant kitchens, not all. Which makes going out to eat such a crapshoot.

I just finished eating my dollar menu Jumbo Jack when I saw this. I brought back a fish sandwich for my boss. I don't think I'll tell him about this little incident. He's the type to actually retch at the thought.

The manager had a nosebleed while working the drive-thru window? Did he have a needlefish stuck up his nose?

Typical that this is the result when someone in the food industry shows a slight amount of work ethic.

Take my advice: if you're at all squeamish, don't ever order their hand sandwich either.

am i the only one thats not suprised at this? everyone knows that jack in the box is the grossest thing out there. in florida some kid died or something from eating a jack in the box hamburger that had bad meat.

No lawsuits, but I think Jack owes her at least a $100 gift card for McDonald's.

And I'm all for the work ethic, but having a nosebleed into my dinner, not so much.

" ... the risk of transmission of diseases such as HIV would likely be minimal. "

Yeah, that's whut the French said about the Bad Blood in their blood banks ...

You say "... the risk of transmission of diseases such as HIV would likely be minimal" from contact with or ingestion of an employee's blood ... but are you really sure?

Oh, positive!

having had an intestinal bug that's kept me from eating for 3 days, I am happy to report there was nothing to puke up!

Gotta love the McDonalds ad at the top of the page, though.

Does J in the B still have the Purina checkerboard on the food wrappers? I don't think I've been even slightly tempted to eat there since 1973 or so.

I'll brown-bag lunch, thanks.

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