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January 31, 2009


Four-legged snake helps legislative candidate lure attention


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"Walk" like a snake?

Yeah, we call 'em lizards around this area code ... or ... politicians ...

But, Dave, can you vote in Illinois? You're not dead, are you?

It appears that the snake in question has walked off with the Jakarta Post's story.

A citizen, Ali Nompo, said he was astounded to see the creature, “It does look like a snake, but also a lizard. It can walk straight and it can also walk like snake.” (and)


I will NOT be voting for M. Hatta Hanzah Karaeng GaJang of JL. Manga Daeng Bombong.

I gots nuthin'

"page not found"



Four-legged snake helps legislative candidate lure attention
The Jakarta Post | Sat, 01/31/2009 9:13 PM | National

A candidate for a local legislative council in Gowa, South Sulawesi, has found a unique way to lure public attention, a four legged snake.

The candidate, M. Hatta hamzah Karaeng Gajang, found the odd creature on Thursday night at his party headquarters, which is located at Jl Mangka Daeng Bombong.

The so called snake is 15 centimeters in length and has four legs with five fingers each to walk on.

“I was happy playing cards with my friends when I felt a tickle on my foot. It was the creature crawling. It looked like a snake but with legs,” he said as quoted by state news agency Antara on Saturday.

The creature is now placed on a glass jar displayed for the public to see. Dozens of citizens come each day to the party headquarter just to watch the bizarre snake, or maybe lizard.

A citizen, Ali Nompo, said he was astounded to see the creature, “It does look like a snake, but also a lizard. It can walk straight and it can also walk like snake.” (and)

Yes, it ends there.


You know what skeers me? Newspapers are struggling to survive. Old-fashioned journalism (checking sources, facts, editing) is disappearing in front of our eyes.

I love the interwebs, but I can't remember the last time I made it through a whole day without encountering several cringe-worthy examples of what passes as "news" now. And this is what my kids are growing up with.

*needs more coffee*


LOL and??

Thanks, Cat!

You're welcome, Siouxie. I think. ;)

"facts"? Sorry ... please explain.

Cat - Sulawesi grows great coffee.

Daeng Bombong, Daeng Bombong
Don't ya jes' love it?
Daeng Bombong, Daeng Bombong
Don't you just love it?
Daeng Bombong, Daeng Bombong
Don't ya jes' love it?
Daeng Bombong Jl Mangka Daeng Bombong.

(Thanks, Cat)

Meanie, between the two of us we're gonna put that earwig into every blogit today.

SW, is that where they harvest the civet blend?

SW -- is that a "fact"? Or is it "news"?

*slowly comes to realize how much "news" she gets from this here blog*

Can't. Think. About. That.

Need my humor. Much humor.

Authorites noted that the snake eventually turned itself into a goat and went on a crime rampage against the city.

Heck, Cat ... I get mostly ALL my "news" frum the blog and such places ... (except for local obituaries and such, of course) ... I find that the analytical skepticalness on the 'net is helpful in sorting the mundane and meaningless from the rare item of true importance ...

Now ... where wuz that coffee place?

Duuuuudes.......That story was from the future...February 1st!!!


"his opponent claimed victory after his snake, with four legs, fur, claws, and whiskers, made short work of Mr. Gajang's snake."

Whoa. Punkin's right. Does it say who won the StupidBowl??

There's a red-tailed, two-legged, feathered snake sitting in a tree in my yard that could kick his four-legged snake's butt. If he had a butt.

(Cat, I hear ya. Not just the level of 'news,' but the quality (?) of the journalism. Ick!)

I also get most of my news from this blog. In fact I've read some things that didn't show up until a day or two later on AOL or Yahoo. Plus you guys are the absolute nicest bloggers on the net. I am among the struggling unemployed and you guys really brighten my day. Thank you. Now back to the rants.

awwwwwww....that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you damn people.

Also...what is this journalism you espeak of?

nursecindy, hang in there. A few of us here can empathize with your job search.

My parents, for a couple of reasons, didn't own a car until I was 12 years old. But we owned a set of encyclopedias. I think it was World Book. They paid the installments faithfully and kept up on the "year-in-review" editions as well, into the 1980's. My late dad was a journalism major in college (it was the only course of study that didn't require extensive math - LOL). He was also a copywriter for Sears for over 20 years when the "Wish Book" catalog was eagerly anticipated by kids each fall, especially by my brother and me. (We'd sometimes see our first names, and our dog's name, in copy ads that he worked on.) I suppose I take crappy writing a little too personally.

Ah, I'm rambling again. Somebody smack me.

... um ... Feb. 1st?

International Date Line on Double Daylight Savings Time?

And it voted for Al Franken.

There was a similar situation in the story,"Around the World in 80 Days",me thinks.

Here's a pic of the critter:


When is it this nation's turn to take a seat on the U.N. Security Council again?


You're welcome ;-)

(btw, my Mom also bought my sister and me the World Book Encyclopedia -in installments- and that was the sole source of reference for all our book reports - WHICH WE HAD TO TYPE BY HAND IN A CRUMMY OLD TYPEWRITER AND YOU KIDS NOWADAYS DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE AND TAKE THIS INNERNETS THING LIKE IT'S THE GOD DAMN BIBLE AND...

*SMACKS* self...

wheww....I feel better

Cat' ... nuthin' worng with bein' bothered by sloppiness on the job displayed by so-called "professionals" ... among all the other stuff on my résumé, I taught English and Speech for a bunch of years, and spent 17 + years in the journalism trade ... so it bothers me greatly as well ...

(One of the most enjoyable aspects of this blog, and a forum where I spend some time, is the freedom to write "vernacular-type" stuff, with the various contractions and elisions and other fun colloquialisticalnessisms in a casual atmosphere ... and I mostly do NOT critique others on these sites ... but lemme see it in a paper or on TV, and I tend to get all over it like flies on horse caca ... merely sayin' ...)

Hang in there, nursecindy. We'll keep you laughing until then. With all the baby boomers aging, there's gotta be a demand for nurses. AND humor. Dammit.

Still remember getting an IBM Selectric. Had a built-in 'white-out' ribbon for mistakes. It also had a cupholder for my juicebox and pacifier. ;)

I love it when a real life event reminds me of something on this blog, and I start laughing and laughing, and no one else gets it, and eventually they go get my medication.....

Annie, don't you mean your beer holder and ceegar tray? ;-P

Hey, now. I was only about 3 years old at the time. Ok, maybe a Macanudo once inna while with my PBR....

Macanudo...they were my favorite latino boy band...until the flying burrito brothers came around anyway.

Didn't they 'invent' the Macarena?

I remember when we had to carry the hardcopy version of the internet around, and search by "tabs" and "indexes". Boy, what a pain.

From the CIA factbook on Indonesia:

name: Jakarta
geographic coordinates: 6 10 S, 106 49 E
time difference: UTC+7 (12 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
note: Indonesia is divided into three time zones

Oh my, February is only 12 hours away.

*comes to, shakes head*

Ouch, Siouxie! (Thanks.)

SW, I clicked on your critter link. WTH is on that thing's head? Did somebody release Ed Grimley into the wild?

Yes, Macanudo did the Macarena...in the nudo.

Old? I remember when the fact that the school library had one of them HUGE dictionary-type dealies, and that wuz all the research material we had ...

At home, the "free brochure" that the traveling encyclopedia salesman left for our perusal wuz as exciting as it got ...

Yeah, we wuz poor, but I din't know it ...

we had a rand-mcnally atlas my mom got in installments from the supermarket...
and a set of ancient (at the time, even) encyclopedias (eisenhower was the latest president).

but not as old as the encyclopedias david frost (of frost/nixon fame) had when he was growing up...he tells the story of writing a report on prime minister gladstone (who died in 1898), his encyclopedia's article's last sentence was "mr. gladstone is retired and living at his family home.."

My high school graduation present was an electric self-correcting typewriter. I was amazed! I'd spent my high school career using a tiny Royal portable and Wite-Out. I took a typing class one summer and it was great. We all used those little portable things - we had a book of exercises that culminated with "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." Typing is still one of the only manual skills I have (as opposed to, for example, sewing.)

I remember summer school typing class! I took it the summer before my freshman year of high school. We did these moronic typing exercises where you typed letters and spaces to make a picture once the entire page was done. Gosh, the fun we had...

I was in that class, too, thinking 'why the hell am I taking typing? I'm never gonna use it.'

Two words: carbon paper.

Two more words: card catalogue.

(Anybody say those yet?)

Stevie: carriage return.

Annie, that's what my mom told me when I took typing (yes, the summer before freshman year) too. She was afraid if I learned an office skill I'd never go to medical school.

Well, she was right. :P

Here's an oldie for ya.

I can just imagine what annie's pacifier looks looked like.

.- -. -.-- --- -. . / .-. . -- . -- -... . .-. / - .... .. ... / -... .-.. --- --. / ..-. .-. --- -- / - .... . / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / -.. .- -.-- ... ..--..

(Copy and paste the above in the site's "input" box then scroll down and hit "play")

and don't forget one of these!

Sorry, Meanie. We're too busy out here in LA redefining gall.

(Stevie - I thought you knew what my pacifier looked like.)


Try "hard, rough, round eraser that had a brush on the back, and if you tore a hole in the paper you got an "F" on the assignment" ... but we learnt to not make misteaks ...

Thanks, folks. You have me remembering the 1938 encyclopedia I grew up with (in the 60's & 70's). TV and fax machines were described as "experiental technologies which will never find their way into the home." I somehow trained as a reporter with no computer. And changed my career shortly thereafter.

...and manual typewriters. I still have strong pinkies.

Wow...you people are old! (sadly, I remember all that crap too)

*gets in geezer bus and cranks up the 8-track*


(Cat, thanks for that classic Jerry bit!)

Nite nite...

I have the cooling fan unplugged from my laptop and am sitting 4 feet away from a propane "Torpedo" heater, in FFREAKIN' FLORIDA? Who can feel pinkies, I asks ya?

I will personally emit huge amounts of carbon today, in honor of cooking out for Pointy Ball Day, and Rice and Beans for supper last night.

btw, that was pretty cool on the morse code thingy...

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