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January 05, 2009


Injectable Bone

(Thanks to judi, who is too shy to post it herself)


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Oh, look! Dave made a funny!

Please tell me that someone read "polylactic acid" as "prophylactic acid." Not that *I* did that or anything. Nope. Not me.

That would actually BAGNFARB that opened for the Sex Pistols.

See - you lead off with a title like that and the rest of the article is just a huge double-entendre.

"...along with Kevin Shakesheff"
"...fuse together in a hard, spongy mass"
"...cells fill up the holes with natural bone"

BJ, I loved that line about "fuse together in a hard, spongy mass" too! :D

Diva: Oh, see - now even your comment is tainted.

*snork @ tainted*

Heh. You said "tainted." *snicker*

Some bonehead ideas are a good thing.

Would someone please tell me what this is about. I'm too shy to read it.

I wonder what "Walter" thinks of this...

Siouxie~ Riiiiight. I may not hang out here as much as I used to, but even I know that's a crock. ;-)

The scientists were looking for "something to fill the void".

I love science!

Busted by Bumble! (Hi!!)

What's Spongy Bob got to do with this ?

Excellent pickup, Jazzzz! (LTNS!!!!) Being a fan of Spongy Bob and his neighbor Squidward Testintacles, I should have caught that myself.

Injectable Bone,
I got Injectable Bone,
Got Injectable Bone, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo.

I think Spongy Bob is Steely Dan's aging uncle.

Siouxie~ You forgot to pair that remark with an appropriately innocent expression. I'll loan you mine. ;-)

*SNORK!@ Bassetball Cat Jones*

My new rock band will be called;"The Rumpologists",featuring, "Injectable Bone".

I've been a nurse too long. I found this article exciting, in a medical sort of way.

I've been a perv too long. I found this article exciting, in a perverse sort of way.

This reminds me of something one of my closest friends used to say. She's American and her ex is Cuban so she had a Hispanic last name (till she changed it back). So, when asked if she was Hispanic, she'd say - "I'm Cuban by injection"

Well, he went to the ER in considerable stress
Injectable bone, they all said
And he pointed to the rib sticking out of his chest
Injectable bone, they all said
Well, he just needs injectable bone

He took in the four grams of morphine they gave
Injectable bone, they all said
Still he bit the head nurse and he started to rave
Injectable bone, they all said
Well, he just needs injectable bone

He fought so hard they gave him more than enough
Injectable bone, they all said
And he ended up taking in too much of the stuff
Injectable bone, they all said
Well, he's just got injectable bone

After ten X-rays they showed him what they had done
Injectable bone, they all said
And he got on the scale and weighed nearly a ton
Injectable bone, they all said
Well, he's full of injectable bone

Want to know, what are the long-term benefits? Risks?

"If your bone is injected for more than 4 hours, call your Dr....."

Meanie's so excitable. ;)

Siouxie, I've heard that one too -- when I repeated it to somebody once, I messed up the line, and said "insertion". Red-faced much?

*Flaps in for a moment, feathers flying, heart racing*

UT Longhorns won the Fiesta Bowl! Woooohoooo! What a game!

*Flaps away*


bumble is here, with her patented *innocent look*(tm thingy, which i'm too lazy to attempt right now)

and coast is here, with his...um, his...

never mind

*bumble tackles(tm...ah, y'all know) bumble, coast, and blue*

® ® ®-----Thingys for southerngirl.

Oh, thank Gawd! It's not meant to replace natural bone!

Had the old natural bone scared, for a minute, there. The old lady would never let me hear the end of it!

Of course, relationships between men & women are based upon more than the merely physical. Yes, Dear?

[closes porn tab surreptitiously]


how about BONGLOARD??

Good morning, blog!

Rise(heh!) & shine! Where's the coffee?

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