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January 27, 2009


They have tied the knot.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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The questions that need to be asked are, can gay penguins have limp wrists and do thay talk with a lithp.

And I can't spell for shite today.


I can't spell for shiet either...NTTAWWT!

But Sooz, you do it a lot prettier than I do.

The knotty little penguins.

I see they both decided to wear tuxedos.

New Animal Planet show....
"Queer Tux for the straight duck" (NTTATWWT)

awww shucks...thanks Mot!

♫ The bride cuts the spring fish ... ♪

Look for an all-disco Broadway musical remake of "March of the Penguins."

If they tried that in California, the religious right would be all up in their beaks. "Save the family! Save the spring fish!" *eyeroll*

I hope they got them Penguin wigs to go with the wedding outfits.

Makes more sense than "The Bachelor". And they'll probably stay together longer.

The second picture is cute.

The SF Zoo has a gay penguin couple as well. They've been together for years. No wedding, as far as I know.

*snorks* for Jazzzz. I can just hear Carson Kressly emceeing the show.

Brother, just because they dress dapper and watch "Mama Mia" it does not make them gay! Actually, it sorta does.

From the headline, I thought this was going to be about nuns.

Are they having mad gay penguin sex, or are they just two male birds who stick together without any sex at all?

Not that I'd ever think that if it was the latter, people would immediately start saying "Gay birds! How wonderful!" I'm just saying, is all.

saywhat - ever ask a hetero couple that? "So, do you two have mad sex, or do you just live together?"

Or am I the only one who does that?

saywhat, it's moot. Now that they're married, they won't be having sex anymore.

I ask hetero bird couples if they are having mad sex all the time. People? Not so much.

And while I'm thinking about it...why doesn't anyone ever want to know about happy sex? Or, sane sex, for that matter...

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