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January 29, 2009


A further education college offered lunchtime pole dancing demonstrations to 14-year-old students prompting a wave of complaints from teachers who branded it inappropriate.

Key Shocking Revelation: ...staff had complained that after the first performance pupils were more interested in watching their mobile phone recordings than they were in their afternoon classes.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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is our children learning?

Did she at least get to keep all the singles?

There are a lot of poles here. They like to polka, even those of them who are teachers. What's wrong with poles dancing?

I saw nothing objectionable in that video, but I'll watch it another 30 times to make sure. Where's the slo-mo button on that viewer, anyway?

I have nothing against attractive young women doing fitness demonstrations, their lithe bodies contorting into shapes that make grown men weep...sorry. My mind wandered there. What I can't figure out is why a "further education college" has 14-year old students?

not everyone's cut out for college, i think it's important that all available career options are represented. next week, drug dealing!

I would demand equal opportunity for male pole dancing instruction.

Siouxie, you're gonna have to find your own male poles.

Braniff - college, in the UK, is more like our High Schools. What we call college, they call University.

ahhh. Thanks wingpup. But what's a "further" college??

I'd have stayed after school for this.

Anything to warm those cockles...hmm ron?

An "after-school special," for sure...

Wonderin' which part of "legal agreement" the vice principal didn't understand ... and ... it would seem that a principal in charge of vices would be the most qualified to determine the effectiveness of the presentation ... merely sayin' ...

Is our children slutty?

pad, my BIL is a Pole and I would NOT want to see him dancing in any fashion.

It IS very good exercise.

Siouxie told me.

That's actually not a pole. It's a shovel from Home Depot. This is all one big misunderstanding!

Yes it is, Annie. CJ told me.

... well, guess the strip tease lessons are right out!

Right out where, Kibby? Because it's pretty cold outside.

Anyone else missing comments on certain threads? Or am I part of the next '24' plot?

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