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January 23, 2009


Colon man charged with arson of SUV

(Thanks to John Oliphant)


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This would never happen in the City of Urethra.

*wonders if he resides on Butt Hole Road*

An Envoy, huh? Isn't that like an AmbASSador?

Yeah, I got nuthin'.

He's an alien from Uranus?

Colon Man
Colon Man
Doing all the things
A Colon Man does.

This group must be tired. Usually there is so much we could do with that.

Fire in the hole - give it up for Colon Man & the Flaming Envoy!

"...gasoline from a chainsaw..." hmmmmm....tsk, tsk.

That's better, Annie.

And it goes without saying they opened for Chuck Roast and the Potatoes back in 72.

If you're going to name a town like that, why not call it " Cologne " and show a little class ?

Ass and a half.

He must have just had Taco Bell.

As long as this didn't happen in Mianus.

Shocking...alcohol was involved!

If it did, Siouxie, I'd hope by now you'd notice.
Butt maybe you can explain what this is - http://www.abinaapparel.com/product/0iiixazgd2.html

I didn't go to that web site because I was afraid they might have a photo of Colon Man.

/Nobody needs to see THAT!

Moon, doesn't he live right up around the corner from you?

Maybe Moon's neighbor is the Illinois Enema Bandit.

And now I went to Annie-WBH's link and there wasn't a picture! It's not my day.

He live right up the canal from me, I'm sure.

Or "lives" right up the canal from me.

Sheesh. Drinking a whole bottle wine affects the typing. Who knew?

I wanted Siouxie to 'splain what 'Cuban bottom pantyhose' were. Butt I think she's already out partying her Cuban bottom off.

*flings 'of' at Moon's post*

the colon police found the suspect through a process of elimination...

Are they big on irrigation there?

'Cuban Bottom Pantyhose' are for when you feel like Havana good time.

Now THAT's intestinal firetitude!

OK, still got nuthin'.

**Peeks around lurkers corner**

Belated snork @ insom

Mornin' *snork* @ insom!

Annie, sorry butt the Cuban butt AND pantyhose were too pooped to party. I blame the IRS.

I'm sure he's just a regular guy.

The goat was a diversion, they oughta be watching the squirrels.

and sometimes I just post to the wrong freaking section. Very baaaad!

Cheesewiz - somehow it worked for me. *snork!*


Thanks for the charity snork.

Charity Snork WBAGNFARB.

"Cat R" WBAGNFA funny blogger.

trouble up the wazoo in kalamazoo?

marfie- just the colon.

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