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January 28, 2009


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Wow. A designer hospital gown.

"Thanks to Siouxie"

Did you tear that womans' dress, BFF??

*tosses model some duct tape*

Any chance we could get that off of the front page? It's marginally NSFW. At least here.

Thank you Siouxie.A little jump steart for the heart this morning.

Punkin---Way Down East,Maine.

She'd get some nasty frostbite wearing that around here (NE Ohi-uh) today.

On the other hand (or cheek), she's always ready for any flu shots or vaccinations.

that would make me a sure hit at my office. the bozos i work with wouldnt notice my tushie hanging out for, oh, they wouldnt notice at all.

great here in upstate new york. but it doesnt match my snowboots. what SHALL i do?

what peoples wear this stupid stuff? but he does save on fabric by not making the back of the dress.
let's see if it sells in walmart.

Honey? Does this dress make my butt look big?

(you're quite welcome, ron - just a little something to keep your cockles warm this morning)

tough to run for a cab/elevator/door being held/fire drill/attack of giant tomatoes in that outfit.

Now that's what I call a shape in a drape.

I just LOVE my fashion updates!!

Punkin, you know how I love to stay behind the fashion world...

That poor woman has gotten tangled up in her bedsheets. She needs assistance!

"up-and-coming Turkish designer"

I'll bet.

Embellished with silver embroidery and held up by detached silver cuffs, it was the most striking piece of a strong capsule collection.

And people wonder why the Islamists hate us.

Why not just save some money and go completely naked?

Margaritaville: Exactly. What's the point in wearing anything?

Lurker: I'm also in NE Ohio (at my office in downtown Cleveland right now). Sure glad I keep that team of sled dogs around to make the commute into work this morning!

Finally a design I can get behind. And it's nice to see she's not a wafer-thin model.

Cengiz Abazoglu => Ciao Guzzle Bang

Just thought you should know.

So, heterosexual males have finally broken into the fashion design business? About time.

What if she's wearing it backwards??

Siouxie,----That thought just warmed a few more cockles.

i'm taking a snow day here in albany. by the time i get to work, the buses will stop because of the snow. seemed like a no-brainer to me.
long as i'm home, i'll try to design some fashion with my old winter coat, poofy sox and aretha's hat.

So who shot the curtains?

She's got it on backwards.

"Does this butt make my dress look small?"

Do you have it in my size?

One size shows all.

The ladies of the blog would like to see some male eye candy please. At least she doesn't have to worry about anybody giving her a wedgie. I have to admit it does look like a designer hospital gown.

Here ya go Cindy.

Not exactly what I was looking for wiredog. But thanks for trying. I think.

It's missing one of those " How's my driving ? " stickers.

Thanks, Meanie. FWIW ...

Cengiz Abazoglu => Zigzag Culo-Bean
"I can go buzz a leg."

You just know the women who would wear this would be the type to say, "My eyes are up here, you sexist pig!"


Did they run out of thread and go OH WELL? Maybe it was DISAPPEARING thread, like surgical stitches that dissolve.

At least the poor woman's WRISTS are decently covered.

You can save money on undies. And laundry.

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