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January 30, 2009


Want to check out some art?

Key Term: "easel whizz"

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie and Andrew Hoenig)


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The smugglers don't have a lick of talent?

Do they have even a lick of talent?

Darn bot!

Michael,Please send me 16 copies of the Sistene Chapel,Your friend,Louie,the Lug.

I read that as "easy whizz"

My advice would be to avoid this one.

And I keep reading "weasel whizz"

i think they had some of those on sale at a motel down the road.

any of those big-eyed kids?

Mebbe the drug suppliers should switch to lickable ... pets? Y'know ... toads and such?

Those must be cross hatch and sniff paintings. An artist would get that. To most, that is not funny.

I thought "easel-whizz" was pig latin for "Blagojevich."

"This sort of dynamic security work has caused drug misuse in prisons to fall"

Guard: "Show me the Monet".

Late-breaking SNORK@ Sherly!

High art. Easel wizz. Is that something like writing your name in the snow?

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