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January 29, 2009


The Carl's Jr. restaurant here is planning a "funeral service" to mourn the loss of a toilet accidentally shot by a customer.


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HAAA. i love it.

*SNORK* @ "tongue in cheek posting"

Was it a low flow toilet? Because that would explain the "accident".

Guys really DO get attached to their terlets, huh?

Somewhere today I read that Monty Python had the best funeral song.I wonder if they'll sing it for the deceased?

Can they get Dave to deliver the euology?

( ... "close contact with the public ..." ? ? ? I don't THINK so, Tim ... I wouldn't touch one of those things with a 10-foot Blagojevich ... )

Well...it's traditional to play "Taps" when you flush the deceased family goldfish down the toilet.

So what do you play when you have to flush an entire toilet...?

Since it was killed in action, taking a bullet for a patron, there might be a kazoo salute.

They're going to have a 21-goldfish salute.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the town dump.

Accident my A$$!

braniff - in LOO of flowers,...

Ok, it says there are twelve comments here. I remember some of them, but I don't see any. I think I even made one of them, but they're all gone.

Are we playing a bizarre game of 'skip to my loo?'

OMG, the comment I just made isn't even there. The bot is flushing them!

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