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January 25, 2009


In Kalasian’s Yang Talat district, where temperatures can drop as low as eight degrees in the hills and 12 degrees on the plain, markets have begun to fill up with stalls selling live bats and bat-based dishes.

Nothing warms this blog up on a cold winter day like a hearty heapin' helpin' of bat.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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batter up!

Don't knock it till you've tried it. I had curried bat in the Seychelles, once you get your head around the fact that you're eating a flying rodent, it's not bad at all. the bats in the Seychelles have a 5ft wingspan and are also called flying foxes, they only eat fruit so I'm guessing that the Thai bats are pretty much the same species.

Where do you think "batter" comes from? Ya like cake, dontchya?

Anyway, rabbits are rodents, too. And they'll suck yer blood same as a vampire bat, in their flying season.

Bats - an important part of this nauseating breakfast.

*Pours another helping of overprocessed, chemical-laden, sugar-drenched carbohydrate clusters*

I'm willing to bet bat hunting is not all that it's cracked up to be.

*wonders if/when cjrun will explain the difference between flying foxes and bats*

Remember that this is organic bat, pesticide- and antibiotic-free, free-range and cruelty-free meat.

"And for a limited time, we'll include FREE RABIES VIRUS with every order!!! Swallow while you still can!!!"

The Bat Man of Ybor City should be glad he was simply arrested.

And not lunch.

I'm probably not pronoucing Phucket right.

This *snork* is directed at Cat.

Yes, but we Americans are notorious for not pronouncing foreign names correctly so you're in good company.

If I could only figure how to get a picture on this blog nowadays, I could post a crapcam picture of a Seychelles Bat with a 5ft wingspan.

I might like to go to Thailand and try it. How much is a ticket to Phuket?

Great minds think alike, Cat - see the Batman thread :-)

Someone tried to explain the difference between a bat and a flying fox to me last week and I still don't get it...

Phuket - it's cold.

Lots of weird stories on that page - disco monk, pig massages, s3x acts on explosives....no wonder it's called 'Phuket.'

Wow. Disco monks, pig massages, s3x acts on explosives, and bat kebobs. Think I'll delete Phuket from my list of possible holiday destinations...

...OT: Any bloglits in the Chicago area? If you got a traffic ticket there recently, you may be able to get out of it...

...because according to the Chicago police website Second City Cop, they just caught a fourteen-year-old boy masquerading as a traffic cop.

After the boy had been issued a car and a partner (!) and had finished working a full shift.

i Anyway, rabbits are rodents, too. And they'll suck yer blood same as a vampire bat, in their flying season.

Posted by: cosanostradamus | January 25, 2009 at 10:20 AM

That is why you need a holy hand grenade.

Linkies! Wes has linkies! Quick, Robin, to the Batcave!

Hey waiter -- what's this bat doing in my nam prik num?


Me thinks there's more going on in the Disco Monk's room than drugs and music. This could be priest-gate a la Thai.

Phucket, Phucket, Phucket.

Because I can, that's why.

cowprintrabbit, sorry -- I read today's posts in chronological order and didn't understand your comment at the time. But, yes, we have GM, and they do TA.

Wes, why am I not surprised?

And, it has climbed from a chilly 3 degrees all the way up to a balmy 6 degrees this morning thus far in Chi-town. So, Phucket again, just for that.

Seychelles batPhotobucket

Woo! How'd that happen?

Wow. Cool pic, mot.

Warning: possible glimpse of a bat's naughty bits

Ooh, Mot has truly conquered the bot.

With a bat.

That pic was taken from the front porch of the house where we were staying, the bats started coming in to roost in the trees every day in the early evening, they are truly very large and there are hundreds of them. All night you can hear them squabbling over the best roosting sites.

i am thinking 8 degrees C = 46.4 F and 12 degrees C = 53.6 F so this is more like 'Florida cold' weather...

Pookette Gazette has a nice ring to it don't you think?

It looks like we can have more than 50 comments, but they appear on the next page. And the automatic URL-dectecting feature doesn't seem to work:


is that a link or just text?

It was 21 below zero here this morning on the lack of farenheat scale.

My pet bat's name is ,"Louisville Slugger®".

If you burn enough bats you can stay warm.

It looks like we're back to the way things used to be: no autodetection of URLs, but full HTML including linking, bold italic strikethru, and ⇨ symbols ⇦ !

Jury's still out as to whether the 50 comment limit has been undone as well, it looks like. All the recent threads are in the 30 to 40 range so far.

Wow, Mot! How'd you do that? The usual img HTML doesn't seem to work...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Aha! img does work, it just doesn't show the image in preview for some reason.

Yes, I am bored. Can you tell?

But when are they going to make our email addresses linkable again? I rarely have need to link to the date and time that someone posted something.

Now, if I am visiting a town and think a bloglit lives nearby, it might be nice to be able to send him/her a note.....

that 50 comment-a-page thing will be a problem on '24' nights, we can make 50 comments in 5 minutes!

Bats? Mmmmmm! Tastes like squirrel!

When 24-ing™, to simultaneously keep up with Dave's updates on the "top" page and the rapidly multiplying comments on the "latest" page, you're gonna need to toggle and refresh between two open windows.

This is gonna be veeeerrrryyyyy interesting.

ooo, i always wanted to do this!


Sorry, Meanie - last time I toggled and refreshed between two open windows, I had about 3 peeping toms show up. Not worth the traffic jam, even for Jack.

Shucks. It was worth it as far as I was concerned, Annie. ;)

"She's got a ticket to Phuket
She's got a ticket to Phu-u-u-ket
She's got a ticket to Phuket
And she said Phuket!"


Bats are not rodents (Rodentia); they are in the Order Chiroptera instead. They are actually more closely related to humans than to rats or squirrels.
I know; picky, picky. Does anyone else care?

I care. I don't care to be related to a bat, though. You coulda kept that part to yourself.

But I'll be ok.

Right. Bats are chiropodists! I suppose mongooses are chiropractors?

By my count, this will be post #47. I suspect no-one else is around at this hour to push us past 50...

Upon recount, I think that was #48, and this is #49.

And #50?

Drum roll, please... for #51

Anything else I can do for you?

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