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January 29, 2009


We were going to pick this guy. But then we found out about these guys.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, Matt Filar, Bill Moore and Gary)

UPDATE: Excellent video here.

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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Okay, I want to see the video of that...

So much for that remake of The Defiant Ones.

didnt i see that in a cartoon? wow. that would be the stupidest people i've ever heard of. MO-RONs. yikes.


*watches again*

I challenge Hollywood to do better than this.

*watches again, snorking*

That was great.

Thanks for the update.

Bread and butter!!

seriously. can't. stop. laughing!!!

It's follow the leader,stupid.FOLLOW the leader.

If they put that kinda stuff on '24', then I'd watch.

From a comment elsewhere: "Cool! Human Klick-Klacks!"




Now that we have all seen what can only be described as the most hilarious moment possible in the history of all comedy, I have a question: what do we do now?

Is it just me, or does the video not work in Firefox? Even with IETab, I just get a "General Error". I had to (*shudder*) fire up Internet Explorer...

Meanie, our lives may as well be over...

*tears streaming snork*

I'm with MtB - those professors have ruined comedy for everyone else!

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