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January 23, 2009


It's baaad.

Key Excerpt: In a front-page article on Friday, the Vanguard newspaper said that two men tried to steal a Mazda car two days earlier in Kwara State, with one suspect transforming himself into a goat as vigilantes cornered him.

(Thanks to Jeff Arch, Horace LaBadie, Ralph, Mark Schlesinger, Annette Gaudreau and Mr. Completely)


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How did a member of Congress get there?

Was that a... goat?

Turned himself into a goat? I saw somebody do that on "Speeders" the other night to get out of a ticket. Didn't work.

I know the goat trick always works for me.

But the goat trick only seems to get me in trouble.

I've had dates like that.

It wasn't a member of congress. they said he transformed into a goat not a jackass.........

Police have nothing to goat on.

Kids these days. . .

This is ridiculous. If you were a goat, would you steal a Mazda ?

My friend, the former Prince of Ububu turned into a goat. We must have money to pay a witch doctor to turn him back. It is very expensive and goats don't have pockets. He is worth ten million dollars and will give you half if you will help us by sending your bank account information.

Is this where the phrase 'scapegoat' comes from?

A true journalist never lets a little thing like facts get in the way of a good story.

Well that's just sil...

*turns into a pot of petunias falling towards the ground*

*thinks "Oh no, not again..."*

It's a case of mistaken identity, he stole a Ram.

Where there vegetables involved too?

Oh my God...it's Aberforth!
*if you get that, you deserve a cookie*
We all love Animagi.
*if you get -that-, you deserve pie as well*

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