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January 23, 2009



(Thanks to DavCat)


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The shadow below the van looks like a guy hanging onto the rocks by one hand.

The Ranger in the photo looks as if he is about to issue a parking ticket.

Somebody better get to knittin' a colorful cover for that thing. Something in a Southwestern motif, I think....

What we have here is a failure to plan.Revoke his pilot's license.

Well, perhaps his luck is about to change.

Yabbut did he have his seatbelt fastened?

Clearly this shows that women can do things better than men. Thelma and Louise, anyone???

A Chrysler product teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Metaphor alert...!


He was taking his cell phone on to Valhalla with him?

His guardian angel must have been working overtime.

Anzelmo said "it is but for the grace of God or a higher power" that the man survived.

I think that was God saying, "Not on my watch!"

I think the metaphor involves Fiat by about 35%.

He wanted to pass through the Pearly Gates but didn't have the toll money.

But Siouxie, they never landed! They could have landed on an outcropping, too and be living in caves now.

Uh oh, better call Maacco!

Clearly this driver coveted a Darwin Award!

imagine actually failing at suicide, how sullenly embarrassed... i know a woman who knows this guy who tried to kill himself by shooting himself, point-blank, next to the carotid artery. he missed, had a bullet actually PASS through his brain, bounce around a bit, and come back out. he lived and had almost no brain damage whatsoever, just a slight bit of problem speaking afterwards, which he got over. ouch.

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