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January 26, 2009


(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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I'm a little curious about Benjamins' buttons myself...

*offers to "help" Brad zip up*

*tucks everything in (after a thorough inspection)*

All set!

The Curious Case of Benjamin's Unbuttoning.

I wonder how many of us women clicked on "see more here"?

oops. I guess I'm not myself today. or maybe I am.

Punkin, not much there. Angie's got his balls ;-P

Flies? How many do they have in Australia, anyway?

I love the circle. Just in case you didn't know where to look to find Brad's fly.

"...with his flies undone."

He's got more than one!?

Maybe, being in a constant state of excitement with Angelina around, he just finds it easier to leave the door open.

I agree with PM *G*, but I've got to lecture anyway. "Flies" is correct. Each of the two strips of crotch-cloth (my technical term) is a fly, and you button the two flies together.

*getting off high horse*

Trees grow stronger in the wind. Maybe something else does, too.

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