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January 28, 2009


Peer reveals 'cello scrotum' a hoax

(Thanks to DavCat and Horace LaBadie)


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I wonder how many cellists are drawing compensation for "cellists scrotum"?

My teenage nephew has been complaining about "Trombone Penis".

Calling his doctor now...

I played cello in grade school. Being a girl of the female gender, I don't think I was at risk for cello scrotum.

I did, however, develop an unladylike sitting pose. It has served me well.

Is 'cello scrotum the same as air on a G-string?

Cat, I always wanted to play the cello so I could sit like that.

I really want to see the article where they actually cited the "conditon".

"Guitar Nipple" is also a good name for a rock band.

But then is jello scrotum a hoax too?

"A spokesman for the BMJ said that, 34 years on, no-one faced the sack for failing to spot the implausible condition."

Faced the sack....haha!

Then I guess Band Camp wasn't dangerous after all.

"Her husband John, now chairman of a Suffolk brewery, signed it instead."

That has to be one happy couple - doc and a brewer.

I want to know why I've been taking these damned pills for 34 years now!

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