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January 28, 2009



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Hanging Chad?

pollies? do he mean balls? yoikes. cant understand strine.

Well why did you think they called it Queensland?

After a headline like that, why was the 'news' part of the article only in the last sentence? Shoddy reporting, I blame thee.

"See, and then the raccoon just..."

well if it's like america he was probably checking to see if it was still there because when he saw the politicians it looked like his tallywhacker was wearing a suit and walking on two legs so he had to check because you know politicians are d1ck heads sometimes i give myself a squeeze during the state of the union address for the same reason sort of wondering how did mr winky get on t.v.?

He seems pretty cocksure of himself.

"Say 'hello' to my leetle fren', mate."

Fortitude Valley indeed.

Was it this guy? . . .

I guess I won't be makimg any Australian political comments during cold weather.

The snow is just starting.We are promised a substantial amount before it's over.Sometime tomorrow.

Don't they have penises in Sydney's swanky eastern suburbs also?

Maybe that's what 'swanky' means in Aussie. He was just "swankin'."

queensbee: "pollies" means "politicians" - they use nicknames and abbreviations for nearly everything here - Janice (American living in Australia for the past three years)

I think Aussies like to periodically remind us of their roots as a prison colony for con men and hookers. This guy appears to be the result of a successful cross breeding.

*snorks* at marg and mud!

LOL, Margaritaville! HA!

He shows his pole to the pols

He shows his pole to the pols

In the States the "pollies" kiss babies....

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