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January 23, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Now a gothic squirrel would be worth seeing.

It should be noted that The Gothic Kittens opened for Blue Õyster Cult back in the day.

Gothic Squirrels (WBAGNFARB)

I must need more coffee cuz I first read that as "gothic chickens" (which btw, wbagnfa punk band).

But you can still do that to your underage infant.

Some brains fail to function.Kudos to Margaritaville.That's a problem I would like to see ended also.

No reason to do that with kittens, but these are required Cattle Ear Tags

That is cruel. What if the poor thing wants to be emo, or a jock, or a nerd?

*pretends he actually knows what he is talking about*

I'll hold her down, and we'll let people line up and pierce her with 14g jewelry at random and see how she likes it.

but you can brand kittens, right?

She sticks needles through kittens...and she's worried about her reputation?!


Enough with these stories; they only excite the PETAphiles.

She probably paints dogs to look like cartoon heroes, too.

Here's her address - and I'm not suggesting anything - if anyone would like to drop her a line.

Holly Crawford
Pawside Parlor
71 Dobson Rd
Sweet Valley, PA 18656-2436
(570) 477-1524

Dude - that's way bad form. judi - you might wanna kill that post.

The Pennsylvanian woman said she didn't see the difference between piercing a cat or human

Does she pierce her three-month-old baby humans too? Sheesh, I really really hate to side with PETA, but they may have a point here.

Thanks, judi. :)

Hey Death, a lot of cultures do pierce their (girl) kids' ears shortly after birth, and there is DEFinitely no consent given. And let's not get into the whole circumcision thing.

PETA of course says nothin' 'bout that.

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