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January 29, 2009


(Thanks to many people, alive and dead)


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Rats. I left my chainsaw and 12-gauge in the other car.

NMUA, I think you can use your car as an Anti-Zombie Device (AZD™) in a pinch, until you can get to your local hardware store or Food 'n' Guns outlet.

Zombies only eat brains, right?

What are they doing in Texas, besides starving?

At least those signs are entertaining. I have to sit and stare at the "congestion next 1.5 miles" signs every morning crawling along at 3 MPH, if I'm not totally stopped. Huh, really? So THAT'S why I'm just sitting here.

That's at least more helpful than our local signs, which are either pointless (Sign under test) or out of date (Construction to begin August, MXXVI. Use alt. rte.).

Didn't The Zombies open for The Dead Kennedy's back in the day?

you know how sometimes when you're driving there are very few cars traveling in the same direction as you and throngs of cars going the opposite way? i always worry that they know something that i don't know.

Careful, this could be a diversion set up by the REAL zombies.

Looks like the Legislature is in session again...

The guy who runs ZUG.COM has pranked his local traffic control technologists doing something like this. According to the story he wrote on the site, those signs are not the most securely locked devices in the world, and often have easy to guess passwords.

The Zombies big hit in the 60's was "She's Not There". Which reminds me...I forgot to announce that I was divorced last week.(YEAH!!) A whole new source of ex-wife jokes. Just go back and fill in the PMS jokes for me; I'm busy.

Congratulations, Wayne???

Good thing I checked the blog before I sent this in.
I just read a truly weird book called "The Stupidest Angel" by a disturbed author named Christopher Moore. Brain-eating undead zombies play a prominent role in the book.

"What God hath put asunder, let no man join."

-- Shaw Bernard George

Guin, if you think that book is weird, you really should read some of his other work... for instance:

Practical Demonkeeping
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
You Suck: A Love Story
A Dirty Job

And practically everything else he has written.

No, those are just everday things you should take into account on your drive in Texas. No story here.

Just one head? So most of the zombies were decapitated?

How could they tell they were zombies and not normal citizens? After all, it happened in Texas.

Christopher Moore is brilliant and twisted... I'm sure anyone who hangs out here can appreciate his work!

I have heard he's good, but haven't picked him up yet.

big christopher moore fan myself. go figure. he's hiassen on crack.

*makes note to check out this truly disturbing author*

As a resident of the area, I believed the signs were accurate as the 2009 Legislative session had recently begun. I thought it was some new "truth-in-advertising" program developed by the Department of Transportation.

I've been on that stretch of highway. They could be there for weeks.

Schade -
My son and I heard this on the news while I was driving him to elementary school. We had the same reaction to the "TX DOT is not amused" story - we both laughed out loud!!!

Those guys owe me money.

Thanks for sharing. That was quite interesting.


Ha ha, saw this on MSNC last week and thought it was funny!

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