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January 30, 2009


Swiss village fights back after invasion of naked Germans

(Thanks to Siouxie, who notes that France has already surrendered)


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is there nowhere left in this world where I can hike naked without being harassed by The Man?!

*grateful that they didn't post a frontal view.*

Wouldn't those backpacks, uh, chafe?

Braniff, so it's OK for The Woman to harASS you?

Judging from the photo I'm not sure why people are complaining. I think their rucksacks look fantastic!

I vear nuhSINK!

Ich bin ein six-incher.

uh, they are wearing hiking boots.
otherwise chentlemen, i'd load up on the bug spray.

The photo caption says this village is at 25000 meters. That's 82000 feet, or 15 1/2 miles. Those hikers are gonna have some frostbitten extremities.


ver eeezzzz ze wienerschnitzel?

much shrinkage?

Must be pointing the way, Sioux.

Let's get to the bottom of this.Welcome ladies!
No men allowed above the 52 foot elevation.

I'm lost. Can you tell me how to get to Innsbruck, Austria?

So Swizterland in only neutral to a point. You can only be pushed so far.

You beat me to that one, Ford' ... I was wondering if Nepal knows about those extremely high altitudes ...

So the nekkid Krauts are complaining about being fined for hiking in the raw...?

Could be worse. I remember reading somewhere about a meeting between Swiss and German military officials shortly before World War II. (Switzerland required - and still does, I believe - all male Swiss to undergo basic military training and keep a rifle and ammunition at home. That mindset probably explains why they've been able to stay out of Europe's wars for the past five hundred years...)

Pointing out that Switzerland, at the time, could only muster at most a million men at arms while Germany could summon five million troops at short notice, a German general asked his Swiss counterpart what would happen in the hypothetical event Germany invaded.

"Well," replied the Swiss general, "each of my men will fire five rounds and go home."

Needless to say, the Germans took the hint...

Day tripper=day stripper

Sorry I'm late, any eye bleach left?

Well, somebody's gotta put the holes in that cheese.

snork @ SW.

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