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January 27, 2009


Nassau Democrats passed a bill Monday to make candy retailers put candy and bubble-gum cigarettes behind the counter, much like real cigarettes.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Do they make me fill out an ATF form before I can buy one of these?

You have to show proof of age under 10.

Before you can buy a watergun, they run a background check.

I didn't know they even still made candy or gum cigarettes! That would be great for people who are trying to quit smoking. Unless you lit it.


We're pretty proud here.

They still make candy cigarettes? I've seen a crank telephone and spats on a doorman more recently.

children start fires with lighters? wow. when did that start? um, duh. they will have to pry the lighters from my cold, dead hands.

eventually, we will only be allowed to smoke from 11:55-56 am on alternate thursdays in a snowstorm in july.

This is the height of idiocy. These people have way too much time on their hands.

I used to love those gum and candy cigarettes! And it would so smoke today too, if well, gee, I didn't know it was bad for me.

shellinoz - that's a bad link. what's the story?

OT News:

Another of the Good Ones is gone. :(


There's a real need to ban Death by Chocolate® ice cream.

and next on the agenda, root beer.

I don't know how to link it correctly...sorry.

One of our reps wants to put lighters behind the counter with the smokes. Seems that kiddos steal lighters and start fires. Who knew?

(I have a step-son that burned a house down---before I knew him!---I should be a little more for this I suppose

Diva, the first KC link was about selling lighters only over the counter. Which I can kind of agree on.

BTW: are there candy lighters for candy cigarettes?

♫♫ Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should... No filter, no flavor, it tastes like toilet paper. ♫♫

Sorry. Flashback to my youth. When TV still had cigarette commercials and kids could buy candy cigarettes with a dime allowance.

Ah, the good old da... COUGH!! HACK!!COUGHCOUGHCOUGH!!!

i remember that winston song!! hahahaha.
i still smoke. but not a whole lotta. cant smoke anywhere.
soon they wont let us eat candy cigarettes. i didnt smoke because of them-- i smoked because EVERYBODY did. including my parents.

I smoked because my best friend was able to snag them from her mom. Two of my high school friends started because I smoked. Believe it or not, my high school had a smoking lounge for students. If you were 18 and your parents signed a permission slip, you could smoke there between classes.

Of course, this was the same high school with the drunk driver's ed teacher. It's a miracle I ever made it to adulthood.

And now I am a mom.

So none of that happened -- got it?

Smoke free for 13 months! Told my dr. that I started smoking when I found out 3 out of 4 doctors smoked Camels. They were shocked.

So, kids that liked candy cigarettes were more likely to take up the real thing? Even if true, those nimrods are forgetting that "correlation ≠ causation".

Everything in convenience stores is bad for you and should be behind the counter... the doughnuts, slurpees, Twinkies, condoms... Well, maybe not the condoms.

Candy cigarettes are definitely a gateway drug.

First it's the crappy sugar cigarettes. Then marshmallow peeps. By the time you build up to good Belgian chocolate, it's all over.

I've been smoke-free for 24 years this Super Bowl Sunday. But the ravages of candy will always be on my hips...

Democrats piss me off.

So the candy cigarettes will be behind the counter but the beer and Boones Farm will still be in unlocked coolers right?

children start fires with lighters? wow. when did that start? um, duh. they will have to pry the lighters from my cold, dead hands.

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