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January 25, 2009


No means no,

(Thanks to Linda Pocatelli)


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She shot him while they were in the car or in the bed? And if the later, how did he get to the car?

In Louisiana, 'no' means 'hell, no!'

And no means hell no.

Completely justifiable. I don't see what the issue is.

apparently, she was a bad shot...

*laughing too much to post anything coherent.*

"Police found Roshonda Anding's boyfriend in his car..."

How odd that this story would happen on the Jewish New Year. I hope it has a happy Anding.

when warm milk just won't do...try hot lead!

Seems reasonable to me.

Can we go over this just one more time?

Maybe he was eating crackers or watching Ferguson.

I'm guessing he was in the mood and she wasn't. Smith & Wesson trumps trouser snake every time.

And "no" with a gunshot wound usually means "I'm thinking of breaking up with you".

Or, "I'm thinking of breaking you into tiny pieces and mulching the roses with you."

Does this mean you don't love me anymore?

One of my freshman year college roommates would wake up before everyone else on the weekends and walk around singing this song.

If I had a gun...

Don't be absurd. It's just that I love my roses more.

hey, sleep is VERY important.

He's lucky she didn't have a machete. We do have our priorities, guys.

Just zapped in for a sec. I spent all day out in the sun at a country music concert. I'm 'bout ready to zonk out. So...LET ME SLEEP or else! Annie will shoot you!

Nite nite.

*zaps out*

Cat R, that is grounds for homicide if there ever was! Or were. Where's my beer?

Speaking from Louisiana, I think that no jury in Ouachita (pronounced WAH-shit-ah) Parish will ever convict this woman. What jury anywhere would? We all understand sleep.

They're sleeping in their cars now in Louisiana? The economy must really be biting.

Bad news, gang. I tacked a few posts on the end of the bat thread to push is over 50. Sure enough, the 51st wound up on a new page with a Back link.

Hubby had food poisoning last night, and I can report I was DEFINITELY ready to shoot him by the third potty trip interspersed with "I just can't get comfortable" twitching. Good thing I had to leave my Beretta in the US!

(I know I sound cruel, but he should have known better than to eat unidentifiable ground meat from a dodgy beach restaurant!)

Global warming is pretty neat.We set a new low temperature record yesterday.We're going to set another record today.It's 20 below right now and the temperature is dropping like a rock.

ron, I won't complain about our 4 degrees then (much). Whereabouts are you?

I wouldn't convict her in a million years. My spouse has the infuriating habit of coming to bed at midnight and TURNING ON THE LIGHT so he can read!

If I had a firearm, I can't answer for the consequences.

Cat R,----I'm in Maine.28 below zero at the moment.It has just started to warm up.There's 104 degrees difference between inside and outside.


Hey Ron! We're near York...only -2 here this morning. I'm trying to call my cat back into the house because if she stays outside too long in weather like this, her ears get frostbite.

Good morning! It was lovely and brisk this am, here in the Miami area. 60's.

*sends warms wishes to the blogsicles*

yum, 71. *wafts air towards maine*

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