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January 07, 2009


If you hope to ever eat a banana again, for God's sake do not click here.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Looks like that rectal examiner is using the ring, ring, ring, ring - Banana Phone!

Let me be the first to swear off banannas forever.

Let me be the second to swear off banannas forever.

*ring ring ring ring -- eeeeeewwww!!!*

Whoops, Annie! You beat me to it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I've seen that ass before. EWWW.

You're sick,Dave.S-I-Q-U-E......

Get thee behind me ,damned banana.

Television can be so entertaining.

*promises never again to tell my kids that the brown spots on bananas are harmless*

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Banana Ewwwwww?

*decides to stick with watermelon as fruit of choice*


Is this, at all, related to the famous foil thong of last week?

I see they have Paula sitting on the right now.

But can he core an apple?

Chef?? or a pineapple. Ouchie!

Cheesewiz - for bananas, use saran wrap instead. Annie told me.

A good source of potASSium.

He had a banana in his pants. Car wreck. You just have to look and wish you hadn't.

They do it better in Bangkock.

Honey, does this banana make my butt look big?

Pineapple would be impressive, butt coconuts would be even better.

*In the interes of personal safety decorum, not saying who told me*

I bet this guy never stole his parents car to get to gym class.

I think I'd like to see this with a pineapple....
or Prickly pear.

We won't . . .

Pineapples seem to be very pop-lar here. Maybe raspberry is more appropriate.

Banana smoothie, anyone?

Actually, I think judi is fired because I still can't forget that from a year or two ago!

I knew we had seen this before, Marg. My brain had almost forgotten.

Merely one more example of why Japanese TV game shows are so appeeling ...

Magic boner, meet magic butt.


Chef-o-da-Future, I believe you mean,

"Can he core a apple?"


or are you just happy to see me...

My faith in Geezerhood is finally restored.

I kept waiting for the soundtrack: Cruel Summer, by BananaRama....


Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

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