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January 26, 2009


Tragically, for the second Monday in a row, I will be unable to join you tonight, as I have tickets to the Miami Heat an unavoidable business-related obligation that is totally related to business as I interpret the U.S. Tax Code. However, between the live analysis by the commenters and recap by The Amazing Steve™, I am confident that you will be in good hands.

To bring you up to date on the plot: Jack and Tony are still pretending to be bad guys helping the terrorists who stole the Module of Doom, which controls the infrastructure. They have captured Former Prime Minister Matobo and his wife Alama at the behest of the evil African Subplot General Dubaku of Sangala, even as Senator Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo, has arrived on the planet Coruscant to vote on the issue of creating a Republic army to assist the Jedi. Or something along those lines. Last week Jack pretended to kill Renee the lady FBI agent, but he didn't really kill her, because, duh.

Edgar is still dead.


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First to drink!

Commenters? We're not worthy!

*sets up a Chicago perimeter with dances*

I missed it last week. Did I miss anything?




Yay, Cat -- Drink! Not to worry, Blago's off avoiding his impeachment trial, so all's well.

Dave, have a great time watching whatever the Heat does.

This brain scene on House is truly barfable.

Hmm. According to the episode cast list for tonight's episode Mr. Chloe is going to make an appearance.

We don't know from Heat here in Chumbalot. We seem to have 10 of those degree thingies, if that counts.

Drinks!! Suzzzzzz!! You didn't miss much.

Dave, that was SO not cool! (the barfable link)

Marg, I agree - but pretty cool huh??

Mr. Chloe? We don't need no steenkin' Mr. Chloe!

If you haven't seen this website yet, check it out. Awesome photo, and fun to play with.

Ready to go! I'll try and get it done more quickly this week....

Hey, Sioux! Thanks, Cat. It would have been tragic if I had been behind in the "plot."

Steve, I don't know how you do it. But it's always great, and worth the wait!

Tell us more about this thing you call 'plot.'

A "plot" is where two points meet on a graph. Since there are no graphs or points in "24" we need not worry ourselves.

You may re-commence drinking now.

My mouse is smoking from all Dave's links. Into the Jack-Sack for a fresh one.


whut? Suzy told me to.

I like Suzy's explanation.

And action. I will follow suit.

Yeah, Steve, could you speed it up a bit? I, for example, am almost done with my summary. Of the second episode. Of Fry and Laurie.

Open the perimeter; I'm coming in, damnit!

And we're off!

Wait - did we stop drinking?

Thanks, Cat!

Suzy Q speaks the truth..... drinking starts NOW!


Miami Heat's still playing? I thought they were eliminated.


J A C K B A U E R P O W E R H O U R !
! R O U H R E W O P R E U A B K C A J

(Look at that last one in a mirror. It's cool.) (Really.) (Trust me on this one.)

Brought to you by: JackSack™ ("There once was a guy named Mack, who was tied down to a rack. No matter how hard he tried, he never lied, because he knew what was in JackSack™!") and ChloeSack™ ("ChloeSack™ can break into JaneaneSack™'s systems anytime it wants!")

(Why does that last one sound so wrong?)


This "24" intro was brought to you by the producers of"KHAAAAAAAAAAN: The Opera!". Coming soon, "DAMMIT: The Opera!"

Jack Bauer Power Hour? Plz?

I am confident that you will be in good hands.

Dave, I was SO positive that was going to be a different link.

who's edgar?

House was good

SS Anakin may be a killer, but he's very polite.

Hi everyone, started drinking already?

Previously on.....*yawn*

Neuromuscular paralytic? Dude, the Cassadines did that DECADES ago on General Hospital.

Gennita, catch up!

House was velly good!

@Annie - the Heat are more in it as the Chicago Bulls are: and Blago will hold as many press conferences as he needs to in order to convince himself of that.

I want three martinis...

Cat, darn, you guys start early!

Ah: they've abandoned perimeters in favor of a ten-mile grid.

That'll really help...

Somebody get Agent Larry a hanky.

a colleague was wondering: won't agent freckles be kinda deaf from the gunshot?

Renee is being contained by a dirt perimeter

It makes the dialogue bearable.


"Don't use past tense in this office!!!!!"

has a perimeter been built yet?

Bright Blue Van

*We* don't know that Agent Renee is dead. Yet!

"this pile looks like Jack's work"

ROFLMAO!!! I knew it had to be Chloe and Bill.

She's dead, Jim.

Bill and Chloe to the rescue! With adrenaline and CPR!

GARSMASH! Bad Internets conne tion tonight.

handy hypothermic solution!

Look at all those freckles!

Oh, it's dirt.

Oooh, needle! Drink!

Perimeter Set!

Chloe! Bill!

Hewwooo evabunny!!

yay! refreshing takes you to the new page!

OK, we have silent timer issues now.

WHAT the....???

Totally just ripped off Pulp Fiction.

Careful, Dave -- if you get creative enough with that tax code, they might make you Treasury Secretary.

Gennita, "House" was good, wasn't it? I thought they'd found a way to weasel out of Cuddy being a mommy, but they didn't take the easy road after all. Though I've never yet seen the REAL baby that you could calm down by yelling in her face.

Hey, there's my banana yellow delivery truck of doom!

Wow, a third person risen from the dead on this show. Or maybe more than that...I've lost count.

Wow. She held her breath for a week - she is good!

Hi everyone!!!

Love Dark Methos

Jack covered her with a very nutritious mulch to keep her stable.

Did he say,"take deep breasts?"

Here we go with the

"Something bothering you, Jack?"

Not enough thigh shots.

Well, Bassey, they've pretty much worked their way through all the Die Hard movies, so they're desperately in need of fresh material to plaigiarize...

Wait, did we just lose a bunch of comments?

Yeah, but insom - you miss the comments at the end of the LAST page. *sigh* DAMMIT!

You're okay, Renee. But you're makeup's a mess.


Renee, I'm still trying to figure out how the POTW calmed that baby down telepathically. I need to cut open a skull and figure this out. Drink?

Not to mention *your* (not you're) makeup. Blehh.

OK - So Silent Clock = Momentarily Dead in this instance

Low tones and whispers. Evil lurks in the hearts of mem.

Nope, Renee - now they're on different pages - check the URL. You can hit that "Back" link to go back to the previous page. It's Typepoop, therefore it's STUPID.

Are they going to have a love triangle bromance here?

Oh, it's just TypePad being TypePad again. Sigh. I deal with that crappy program all day long at work, and then I get to deal with it in my fun time. *Grumblegrumblegrubmble*

House was a real a$$ tonight! LOL But I had to say that MY kids never shut up just cause I yelled at them...that made it WORSE!

Wow, that van has good soundproofing...they can whisper in a moving van!

Dammit Tony, stop whispering... someone cut your throat or something... oh...

Ah, the bastard used the *listening* trick to fool Tony.

Agent Hotstuff lives! Kiss her, Jack!

So wait - was Tony with this guy before he "died" or afterwards?

Sure, Gen -- just don't spill any on the brain. ;-)

And, um, Dave? BAD!!! BAD BAD BAD with that hidden Manilink!!

Since the silent clock allows for rescuitation...perhaps when it comes time for Kim to be bumped off perhaps we need a wooden stake.

Or nuke the site of her death from orbit just to be sure.

Oh, secret bromance has been caught!

terrorist are messing with my tv transmission!

....And now in a surprising plot twist

They will revive Edgar as well, or.....

Edgar will turn out to be the big bad guy

OKAY how did Tony tip of Bill and Chloe about Freckles' whereabouts?

they have a matching banana motorcycle.

Hey, that looks like the hangar the Mythbusters gang does some of their work!

Wait, didn't the dude who got capped int he head in like season 3 get a silent clock?

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