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December 30, 2008


Visiting family warps your brain, study says

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Scientists came up with this? Why do I get the feeling they were just hanging around the office avoiding the visiting relatives?

You mean like my ex-mother-in-law who would wake up at 4 am and rearrange our kitchen to the way it's "supposed to be"? And that was some of her milder behavior.

I'm guessing here Wayne, but is that part of the reason she is your "ex-MIL"?

Trust but no lust?

Where's the fun in that? ... um ... nevermind ...

Nah--she was 500 miles away and only visited once a year-or less.

My brain got really warped over the last 5 days.

Once a year or less would do it for me though, cause I've been through that with my mom's mother. Soooo freaking annoying!

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