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December 08, 2008


Key Alarming Medical Diagnosis: "The kiss reduced pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear."

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Back in the days of yore (not your) when I was single and, you know, looking for company, I encountered as sort of kissers: hard suckers, gum lickers, tongue biters, lip biters, tonsil swabbers and the occasional mouth breather (mouth breathers made my cheeks puff in and out). But ear damage? I'm thinking she engaged in a modified form of kissing, IYKWIM.

Sounds a lot like the time I told my Mom that the bruise on my neck was from hitting it with a cabinet door and was not a hickey.

The adventures of Hoover Huang.

if anyone needs me i'll be consulting the optometrist about these stars i see after a cj smooch.

That is some serious face sucking.

uh...ear sucking

Do NOT let this man nibble on your ear!

crosseyedgirl, that good, huh?


Now that's hot!

Got his number?

At my geezerette hearing aid consultation last week, I admitted that I could pinpoint the onset of tinnitus in my left ear to some enthusiastic earlobe action back in the 80's.
The audiologist laughed and said, "That's not the first time I've heard that one."
See, young people? These are the kinds of stories you can share around the Scrabble table in your old age.
(But remember to share LOUD...)

Alas, my current tinnitus cannot be ascribed to any such recent activity.

Clearly I'm not doing this right. Do I leave girls breathless? Yes...
Heart fluttering? Yes...
Deaf?! No...

What I can't believe is that this has only generated twelve comments...

You and me both Richard....Sigh....


Girl, you deserve every star. :)

They wouldn't have had this problem if they'd simply worn helmets.

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