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December 18, 2008


You are talking about The Southern Food Super Broker Shuffle Crew.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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I wonder if this little ditty is available on iTunes?

Oh. My. Gawd.

Those are some mighty whitey funky dudes and dudettes!

(sorry, but my brain could only stand about a min of that before I reached for the letter opener and stabbed my eardrums)

I'll be ok in a min.

Reminds me of the Illinois town that was trying to convince the state to locate a prison there. The did a rap with the female mayor saying:

Is we is,
or is we isn't,
gonna get ourselfs,]
a prison.

Man, I thought I was white.

This seems like a good place to insert something I have wondered about:

Could the earliest Rap have been Sammy Davis doing "Here come de Judge", or maybe even Dylan on "Subterranean Homesick Blues"?

/rhetorical question>

How can so many people dance offbeat in unison? It's uncanny.

I actually watched part of that.I've got to get a life.

that was awesome!! best laugh i've had all day.

i'm going to bookmark this video, and anyday i don't like my job, i'm going to watch it again and again till i feel better. thanks, dave!

You just don't have much call to mix Br'er Rabbit and Chun King. That's probably best.

This would be an effective weapon for the war on terror.

It makes waterboarding look a splash in the rain.

Siouxie, you did better than me. About 30 seconds was all I could bear.

Nice mullet, dude.

Geezer Alert:

pogo, I always thought "Cry Baby" by Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters had one of the earliest raps (starts at the 2:28 mark).

And if you don't want to bother listening (but you should, as it's a classic and was covered by Janis Joplin, plus Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters was a GREAT name for an r&b band):

I've spent so many nights, just waiting for you to come
Walkin through that door, and even though you've made
a fool of me so many times before, I know that all it takes
Is just the sight of your face, to make me realize that I'll
always love you, darlin' and I can see that you got some
more tears to shed, I can see it baby, because your eyes,
Your eyes, are getting red

So, come on, come on, come one,
come on, come on,come on,
Go on an cry cry ,baby, cry baby, cry baby,
Cry cry baby, cry baby, cry baby...........

OMG, I remember that!

But I think this one is older:

Little Darlin

And I remember being surprised to learn they were white guys. The spoke lyrics:

My darlin'
I NEED you
To call my own
And NEVER do wrong
To hold in mine
Your little hand
I'll know too soon
That ALL is so grand
PLEASE, hold my hand

Its like a horrible accident. You don't want to look, but you can't take your eyes away.

Incredibly bad. Even whiter than George Bush and Carl Rove's dancing.

These people are so damned white they should have been holding Clorox. Tsk-tsk, when caucasians happen to good ideas.

I watched the whole thing.

I... I...

couldn't look away...

I am so thankful to find that I am NOT, as has been stated both directly and by inference, the world's worst dancer.

Hell, I could have CHOReographed that routine better. "You! Pasty! Shake that pale white moneymaker! And the cheerleader in the second row, you haven't moved that booty since the junior prom, so now it's time to get DOWN wit it!"

Oh. My. God. It sucks you in like a whirlpool in a sewer. I'm speechless.

Oh, please, paddy; 2nd row cheerleader was the ONLY one moving as if she wasn't gingerly approaching ice skates. Dam your eyes!

That was BAD. And not Bad like in SuperBad, just horrible-stinkin-borrow-Siouxie's-letter-opener-to-poke-out-your-eyes-and-the-eyes-of-all-your-descendants-so-they-never-ever-have-to-see-that BAD!

Thanks for the nightmare, Justin Barber and Dave.

Doesn't youtube have a video removal policy based on depraved indifference to human suffering or violation of basic human dignity or something like that, or couldn't they at least offer downloadable eyebleach?

At least they didn't do the 'nudie calendar for charity' idea. But yeah, that was just hideous. Why didn't a friend intervene and tell them? Or shoot them?

I have struggled mightily since seeing this with the knowledge that everyone here has their own free will, and is an adult citizen with the right to make their own choices. However, I cannot in good conscience, much less with any sense of personal dignity and worth, permit suffering of such magnitude to continue unchallenged.

*Lays down in front of blog*

Well this is just great. A group of dorky whiter-than-white middle-aged people pretending to be gangsta rappers.

Someone pass the eye bleach...

*peeks in*

Is it over???

I watched the whole thing. One of the comments said they had put it on their I Tunes. It was a catchy little tune you have to admit. I never knew there were so many rhymes to the word shuffle. I think I'll take a narcotic and go to bed now.

Most of you might not remember the original, but back in the 1980's, the Chicago Bears did a video called the "Super Bowl Shuffle", which this is a take-off of. Jim McMahon and "Refrigerator" Perry were in the video.

Also, pogo, I think it was Flip Wilson on Laugh-In who did "here come the judge." Samm Davis may have done it once on the show but it was Flip's schtick.

It rhymed?

Anonymous, you're right -- all aboard the geezer bus!

*is not adding this to his collection of party music*

I have been witness to some bad music in my days as a DJ, but this was just really awful.

*tosses out eyebleach and reaches for Hydrochloric Acid*

*clicks Cat's link*

*tosses out Hydrochloric Acid and looks for electric drill with 3/4 inch bit to run into left ear*

I couldn't take 5 seconds. New interrogation weapon. Waterboarding would be a treat after one play.

>Could the earliest Rap have been Sammy Davis doing "Here come de Judge", or maybe even Dylan on "Subterranean Homesick Blues"?<

I have thought that too, but even earlier Phil Harris's "Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" or "The Preacher and the Bear".

Volunteers are urgently needed at your local chapter of the Survivors of the Southern Food Super Broker Shuffle Video Foundation. Please support the foundation as they attempt to mitigate the collosal damage from this unparalleled crisis.

"That's What I Like About the South"

"Also, pogo, I think it was Flip Wilson on Laugh-In who did "here come the judge." Samm Davis may have done it once on the show but it was Flip's schtick."

Anon, if you're still around, Flip Wilson did it, but Sammy Davis did it on Laugh-In several years prevous, and I think it was actually old Vaudeville schtick.

Cat, I remember that. The white boys couldn't dance back then either.

*shuffles to geezer bus*

*stuffs atomic grenade into mouth*
Ears and eyes in one go-Hey!

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