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December 23, 2008


Link One.
Link Two.

(Thanks to Damon Daniels)


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Kill him! Kill him with fire!

Oh, sorry - forgot to take my Paxil this morning.

I-Am-Bored.com. So bored that they couldn't come up with an original line? They had to steal Dave's?

*eyes everyone on the blog suspiciously*

I have, in my hands, a list of 205 known plagiarizers!

I have, in my hands, a list of 205 known plagiarizers!

I think I've read that somewhere before...

So bored people read this blog? Not just procrastinators who are putting off work?

Just procrastinators who put off their work until Dave does his and they can steal it.

I must state that I in no way was implicating Layzeeboy or anyone other than the obvious perpetraitor.

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