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December 23, 2008


There has been a recall.

Key Quote: This fall the department sent a letter to 65 Grow-a-Frog customers, asking them to euthanize their frogs or send them back to the supplier.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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So, just put those frogs in an envelope and send 'em right back....

Is Grow-a-Frog from the same people who gave us Chi@-Pets?

There are other options to sending them back.

Sadly, this company had failed to use the Grow-A-Brain product before they came up with this whole idea...

I'll hop right to it.

So the company thinks it's OK to sell them to any state that isn't Montana?! Oh, please, can we get some African clawed frogs in New Jersey?

CLAWED frogs??????????????

*moves to France and surrenders*

Only one solution . . .

The Montana Wildlife people are very astute.They discovered the African Clawed Frog is not a native species.

Punkin is bad.

DPC: oops. G(hungry)MTA

One less for dinner.

And FYI, they actually do, taste just like chicken.

Return to sender
Address tadpole
Species forbidden
One less toad

*Note to self: Only ask MKJ to bring dessert to holiday party. Absolutely NO casserole.*

Watch; Next they're going to recall Sea Monkeys.

Dessert = chocolate cake.

These are still ok though, right?

Clown Puppy, I didn't refresh before posting -- oops!


"tadpoles in the kits become African clawed frogs"

But only if Phoebe Cates feeds them after midnight, right?

"Gremlins" -- best Xmas movie EVER! Well, except maybe for that one with Joan Collins and Santa Hatchet...

For Punkin.

ianmtu: back in the (mumble rumble) i worked as a cook in a large hotel. we once had a bunch of frog legs left over from some banquet, so i made "cream of frog" soup, making a stock from the bones first adding the diced meat at the end. and yes, i added a little green food coloring. who could resist? actually it was quite delicious, but for some reason didn't sell well.

Somewhere, there has to be a Monty Python Reference.

Reminds me of the Bob Benchley piece about his foray into frog farming with his business partner, Mr. MacGregor. Mr. MacGregor couldn't get the frogs to sit still when he squatted down beside them to wash them. Bob tended the books. "Fine frogs for fussy folk" was their business motto, although they never did decide what the frogs were supposed to be for. The frogs left on their own accord, which is evidently what the state of Montana fears.

Hermoine, Thanks for the frogs. They were delicious. Tasted NOTHING like chicken - thank Gawd.

*moves back to the USA after realizing France is crawling w/ frogs.*

Froggie went a cullin'
He did ride mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm.

All African-clawed frogs will be toad.

"Venez avec moi,tu petite tadpole",said Punkin to Pierre's youngest child.

Where eez zis "Montana"?

if they took the claws out , they wouldn't be crunchy?

Q. How do they get them out of the returned envelope?

A. They hire someone to ribbitt open.

WOOHOOOO!! I am officially on VACATION till next year!!!

Laters, ya working stiffslosers!!!

Grow-a-Frog is part of Florida-based Three Rivers Mail Order Corp.

And the weirdness magnet spreads its ugly tentacles into Montana.

Please remember people....it could be worse


Punkin, you are just evil.

Punkin, how'd the legs taste off that frog?

*Punkin* - Wouldn't that be Claude Frogs?

It's not easy being green. And talentless.

Maybe replace them with those pschydelic licking toads.

Punkin, my BFF! you are twisted sick and I love you!

This is why we should be worried--


Amphibians. Wo, wo, wo, amphibians...

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