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December 27, 2008


For the next week I'll be vacationing conducting tax-deductible research in a Secret Island Location. There will be powerful rum drinks limited Internet access, so blogging from me will be somewhere between sporadic and nonexistent. I leave you in judi's capable hands, and wish you a happy new year. May your dreams come true, and if they don't, may you receive a federal bailout.


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Yeah for Judi's capable hands!

I hope the whole family has a fun and relaxing vacation much success uh... researching. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Please say "Hi" to Mr. Cheney for us when you see him.

And if he asks you for more rum, be sure and give him some immediately.

Since Obama's already hired every other of his rival presidential contenders for one job or the other, I suspect that former candidate* Dave's "vacation" is just a cover story for the Remainders' auditioning in Hawaii for a gig at one of the Inaugural Balls.

And that would be way cool.

*Dave, I don't remember any seeing concession speech or column. Are you still running?

There is nothing better than tax deductable rum! Hope you and your family have joy on your vacation. If judi posts pictures of naked men while you are gone we assure you that you will be the last to know cause we all like judi.

YAY for an island vacation research! YAY for lotsa rum more research! and YAY for nakidvity of men judi's capable hands!

Safe travels to The Blogs!!!

*can we choose the bailout over our dreams coming true??*

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, Dave and family! I'm sure the island will never be the same be happy to have you there swilling rum conducting your research. Take plenty of sunscreen. I know judi will post lots of droolable naked men pics keep things running smoothly while you're away.

*Stands in line for bailout*

Dave - enjoy the rumesearch.

For anyone who is still in the holiday spirit, the Sweedish Goat has burned.

Roger that.

You do realize dave for it to be tax debuctable you need to write 26 columns about it. However if you write 52 you will be eligible for a federal bailout of at least $4,000,000,000. However if you do not write any well then the IRS will have to punish you.

Dave ... are you takin' along a ... um ... nevermind ... Sophie might be listening around sumwhere ...

Judi ... is Dave takin' along a ... um ... nah ... I'm guessin' he left that sorta stuff for you to handle ... so ... nevermind ...

I'm looking for a column/article/excerpt form Dave barry about the differences between boys and girls. Can anyone help? It's for my sister, a professor at Kent State, who is as technologially challenged as most people our age. Any references whould be greatly appreciated

I'm looking for a column/article/excerpt from Dave Barry about the differences between boys and girls. Can anyone help? It's for my sister, a professor at Kent State, who is as technologially challenged as most people our age. Any references whould be greatly appreciated

Secret island location???? Dave's going to Hawaii! Stand by for the news conference in which Obama concedes to Dave. Three cheers (and a glass of rum) to our new Leader.

I'll be in Hawaii in two weeks, also working. I hope there's some rum left when I get there. Safe travels, Blogs.

Google - enter keyword "nekkid men" will now cause their server to crash.

Jim, I suggest you contact judi @ the Herald. She's the expert on all things Dave. The email link is on this page.

Btw, Chris. Old news. I posted that on the previous thread ;-P

Thanks Siouxie. Appreciate it. Seems to me a Dept. of Humor would be a great idea right about now.

Yes, Chris. We're beyond burnt bocken. Bravo.

Bermuda? Bora Bora? Barbados? Belize? Phuket?

Send crab pictures!


hey jim, i hate to break it to you, but dave and i (and most of the people here) are 'our age' and we're not all that technologically challenged ;) but i DID go to kent state, and i'm more than happy to find a column for your sister. just give me MORE DETAILS so i can find it. i have to do a computer search. if i don't know when it was written, searching our archives for "dave barry and boys and girls" will probably yield several hundred articles, you know? so please give me some more information, send me her snailmail address, and i'll send it to her on Monday.

On it, cj!

Have a great time, Dave, and same to Mrs. Blog and Sophie (assuming they're - not their - along for the ride of course).

It's great to get out of that awful winter weather sometimes, isn't it?

Hi All,

I just wanted to wish a happy new year to each and everyone of you.


I dont know how Dave puts up with it. Oh well at least the snow is FINALLY melting in Seattle.


If I were you I would duck right now as Siouxie is going to smack you.

Annie: she's preggers; don't get between her and food!

Meanie, that's actually a close relative of Annie's, probably on the way to the shower.

I've always wondered where Floridians go to research in order to make room for us snowy people heading down there.

Happy trip! And, Long live the rum!

(rummages for the bottle of wine)

Isn't it time for the blogbar to open?

daisy, I gotta work in the morning, so I'll bartend. Here, let me open that box of wine for you....

Careful, CJ, with that knife around that tap.

Advice to newer blogits: don't read the posts from the bottom up. I saw CJ's 03:46 post before I saw Annie's 03:10 picture, and, well, I thought maybe there was some BIG blog relationship news I missed, but -- whew -- I think I get it now.

Happy researching, Dave. You deserve it.

Jim Taliaferro:

There are some good passages on the topic in "Dave Barry Turns 40", starting about halfway through Chapter 5 (The Rapidly Aging Parent). Look for the paragraph that ends "... whereas little boys tend to be -- and I say this as a loving father who would not trade his son for anything in the world -- jerks." The following paragraph contains about as succinct a description of the difference between boys and girls you could ever hope to find, followed by several about raising a young boy.

To quote OtU, probably quoting somebody else, the secret to raising boys is to keep them in a barrel and feed them through the bung hole. Then, when they turn 18, seal-up the bung hole.

It's just best.

well then, say hello to barry and michelle.

Hmmm..two Barrys and two Michelles in Hawaii?? Maybe Dave will be offered a Cabinet position? Department of Booger Hilarity, perhaps?

*SMACKS Ex-Addict & Luv2!!!*

...and I think Siouxie speaks for us all.

cat, YIKES!
but the part about getting between her (me) and food does pretty much apply.

wonders if whereever dave is going, there will be paparazzi waiting to take pictures of him in just his trunks.

crossgirl - yes.

Is Dave going to Cuba?

CJ' ... that guideline is most often attributed to Mark Twain ... I've never tried to claim it as my own ... tho I did try out the method, when confronted with the birth of Son #1 ...

(Din't werk ... and now that he's perty much an adult, I'm glad it din't ... )

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