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December 22, 2008



(Thanks to Annie Going-to-hell)


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why does this make me think of dwight schrute?

YAY! Annie got posted and is saving us all a seat at Hell's Bar!


Key line: chreche (sic) not included

Where's Sponge Bob?

Unlike Siouxie, I was looking for a nativity set and stumbled upon some very strange yet creative people. Here's another aberrant religious icon.

pogo, Spongebob's friend, Patrick, was supposed to be one of the wiseman, but he was too cheap to bring a gift.

Asleep in his mantle
on a seaweed bed
The little calamari
Laid down His wee head

The stars in the night sky
Looked down through the sea
The infant calamari
Asleeping was he

The jellyfish are glowing
The cephalod wakes
But infant calamari
No ink does He make

I love Thee, calamari
battered and fried
Stay on my plate,
with marinara beside

Be lunch, calamari,
I'll eat you today
Warm in my tummy
I'll show you the way

Bless all the dear squidlets
In Thy tentacled care
And save them for dinner
With my friends, I'll share

Holy Calamari *SNORK* @ crossgirl!!

We wish you a Merry Squidmas
We wish you a Merry Squidmas
We wish you a Merry Squidmas
And a Crappie New Year!

*snorks* @ cg & M'ville! Feeling the pressure:

Angelfish that swim and hide
Sweetly swimming in her brain
Boy, her cranium is fried
Feeling such tremendous strain.

Pho-o-o-obia, someone is a nutso
Pho-o-o-obia, put away the key-o!

Come to Bellevue Psych and see
Lo, the nut who made this thing
Come, but guard your sanity
Among the kooks who sway and swing.

Pho-o-o-obia, someone is a nutso
Pho-o-o-obia, put away the key-o!

See who thought of sewing squid
To whom the docs all shake their heads
See who finally flipped her lid
Stitching wisemen from quilt shreds.

Pho-o-o-obia, someone is a nutso
Pho-o-o-obia, put away the key-o
Pho-o-o-obia, cephalo-stitching wacko!

*tosses a couple @ SNORKS @ Marg & Annie*

♫ Oh Christmas Squid, Oh Christmas Squid
Thy tenticles are slimy...♬

we are brilliant festive song lyric writers!!

*applause all around*

*Snorks and applause for all the carolers!*

Sno-o-o-o-ork @ ya!

Well, AWBH......
If you live long enough. you see everything.
Wish I hadn't lived this long.

Jazzzz...we're awfully glad you did.

The question is not why did someone make a Squid Nativity, it is Why did it take so long . . . for the authorities to learn her address and put a stop to her societal abuses?

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