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December 27, 2008


Ganglbauer gets his clobber off on Little Congwong.


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Dave? Are all of your blue shirts dirty?

I did that once and was told that while it was okay it was something I should do in private.

Whose Clongwong you callin' little, eh???

Rookies - if you're gonna have a nudie beach, don't name it 'Little Congwong.' Call it 'Big Honkin' Cong Wong' or 'Camp Wannahangabiggin'' or something like that.

And for goodness sake, the name 'Gerald' just screams pansy. A 'Gerald' is someone who calls his mother when he has a hangnail. Go with 'Dirk' or 'John' or 'Bruce.'

...it's located behind bushland, so nobody can access it accidentally.
Hmmmm...it's your story, honey -tell it like you want to.

You mean like this, Annie?

What a bunch of whimps. I have asked crossgirl to marry me, (ducks) twice, (winces).

The rest of you are also rans (winces, again).

Whimps. I have her right where I want her. (ump! ouch! dang!!)

Wait, CJ. "Also rans?" Does that mean you're considering asking *us* to marry you if cg turns you down or that cg is considering us?

Gerald took 'is clobber off
and threw it oer 'is shoulder.
But then 'e hid 'is Congwong
behind a little boulder.

There once was a man from Randwick
Who didn't want sand on his d*ck
Inspector Brad Hodder
Warned "Stay out of the water
Or you might get your dangly bits bit."

*tee hee, twitter*

Didn't take Judi long to get to the nekkid men, huh?

1. Dave leaves on holiday
2. Judi brings on the naked men

Didn't I send another Little Congwong story in a couple of weeks ago? Hard to forget that name. I must say, for a small corner of Australia (at least 'small' in population total), the Northern Territories sure gets in the news a lot.

Found it! It was December 11 but Dave rejected it. It was not the Northern Territories but Sydney: Sydney's Lord Mayor Clover backs nudie bathing in Sydney.

Obviously Dave did not think it worthy of posting. I should have waited until the naked man supporter more enlightened judi was in charge!

Congwong condoms....
I see a maketing bonanza...

Tie your congwong down sport!
Tie your congwong down!
Don't go floppin' around, sport,
Tie your congwong down!


hey judi, great story but let's get on to the pix of good looking naked men. whenever you're ready.

YAY naked men!!

uh...next time, judi?? can we get someone with a bigger Congwong?


*Appreciative smiles to ron, sw, and m'ville*

Sxi's gonna need a bigger Congwong.

judi deserves better than these wee pommie ganglbauers.

Happy New Year, judi!

lying on a beach near Sydney
gettin' tan from toes to kidneys
i met a nude bather, name of ganglbauer
he talked my ear off, for 'bout an hour!

he said: "don't you hate the sand down under?
goin' starkers leaves no room for wonder
my sheila said the congwongs really stunned her!
you're better off dropping your cover!

Annie, can I get me some of that congwong?? The latter linkage, of course.

*vegemite snork* @ insom-at-work!

King Kong Wong.

*aussie snork* @ insom.

Siouxie, eventually we reach the point where it's not enough that they're hot. They also have to be useful. I love your Studs 'n Spurs calendar, but they're just standing there lookin' hot. Would it kill them to pick up a broom?

here you go annie!

Now if I could just get somebody who looks like that to clean my house...I'd sit around and watch.

Dave, look what's happened to your blog!
Nice touch Judi.

Thanks, cg. Check out my 'happy new year judi' link above. He does windows....and many other things.

My doppelganger once had to clamber through a big field of cow dung. Does that count?

The Dong of Congwong

Daisy Mae, haven't you got those "Porn for women" emails, showing a woman's fantasy as a hunk type guy cleaning house??

This guy is 50 and he's still willing to go naked?? A brave man...


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