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December 16, 2008


"By God, they're penises," Debra said.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"By God, they're penises," Debra said. "And it's a nice sturdy one at that."

This lady deserves Blog membership.

"Winters is a jewel, and this just polishes the jewel," he said.

Publically "polishing the jewel" is prohibited in my town.

"Winters is a jewel, and this just polishes the jewel," he said.

Hmmm, polishing the jewel again, huh?

Not even going to comment about the word "erect" being used way too many times.

Johnny B, you type faster than I do.

It's a good thing they're not fountains.

I think the local Vi@gra plant must have a leak.

Polishing the jewel? Excellent. Maybe they can use that if they ever decide to replace the "twin bathtub" ads on the c!al!s commercials.

Pedestrian barriers? No, those are vehicle barriers; pedestrians can walk around them.

Besides, this being Sacramento, new pen!ses show up in town whenever the legislature is convened.

*snicker* They said "erected" in the headline!...

thanks guys. i snorked all over my keyboard.
and i thought i would have a hard time coming up with a retort.

I thought jewel polishing happened a little further south (iycmd).

*goes off to get more coffee...it's been snorked*

This story was just pure blog genius, from the headline to the picture to the quotes to the comments!

New slogan: "Consider downtown Winters when you need meating space."

Debra is saucy!

I also notice that they're Jewish . NTTAWWT

"It's all I can see," Debra said. "It's like the creepy kid in the movie: 'I see penises.'"

At least they're not dead.

'Love the penises!" she laughed, "which you don't hear very often."

Maybe she doesn't hear it that often.

BTW, if your d!ck looks like the picture you need to see a doctor.

Not to worry, it'll be cold soon and they will not be as noticeable.

This is what they get for asking Madonna to recommend a designer.

They used to be scarce, but nowadays they're springing up everywhere.

I heard that Martha Stewart was doing the manslandscaping.

Ah, California. The land of fruits, flakes and nuts...and now rock hard penises.

California, the land of fruits, flakes and nuts...and a few rock hard penises!

Debra is a horny lady.

Debra has balls. How refreshing. And *snork* @ Siouxie's photo!

CJRun, I can also see how pedestrians would also be sitting on them.

"By God, they're penises," Debra said.

That would be penes from Heaven, then, no? Cue the organ music! And for goodness sake, stand up straight!

Sects! Sects! Sects!

LOL dances

With God as my witness, I thought those penises could fly...

City officials weren't terribly amused by the suggestions on what the barriers look like, and say such talk was juvenile.


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