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December 29, 2008


And we would never condone this kind of violence., but

(Thanks to Ron Losey)


(Thanks to cyn)


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That's horrible. Talking during a movie - for shame!

The alleged shooter seems like such a nice man.


And that's why they call it the city of brotherly love.

I went to see that movie last night (awesome, btw) and, although I would never actually SHOOT someone just because they are talking over the movie and annoying the crap outta me to the point I wanna scream bloody hell and rip their heads off, I can understand this man's frustration.

"We're safer if people can carry concealed weapons!"

How's that again?

Brainy, if I were carrying in that theater, the city would've been saved the cost of a trial for this guy. And if he thought others were carrying, he probably never would have pulled a stunt like that. Just sayin'...

He was shooting his mouth off. Somebody needed to muzzle that guy.

The movie theater industry has already capitalized on this tragedy. Last night, right after the trailers, but before Marley and Me started, the local theater had a 30 second spot featuring Mr. Cialella's mug shot with the words "DON'T", "TALK", "DURING", "THE", "FILM" splattered onto the screen with gun shot sounds.

boscotti...That's wonderful!!! I don't regard it as capitalizing -- they're performing life-saving preventive viewer education.

I can almost forgive the people who are saddled with idiot relatives who ask, "Is that the same man who was hiding in the closet before?"

But I can't deal at all with the ones who say, "Yeah...that guy reminds me of Dickie, that time we were down at the quarry? And the cops came? Remember? And Sheila's old man popped out of the bushes and told me he had a knife and was gonna..." etc, etc, etc.

In fact, if we had concealed carry in Chicago, I'd be spending what's left of my 401(k) on ammo.

Bosco, that was between the dancing popcorn and singing Coke, right? Yeah, I saw that too.

And rattling your cardboard candy box is enough for a kneecap.

"you can have my beer when you pry it from my cold, dead....owwwwwww!"

That's when the victim was shot once in the left arm...

I'd have done worse.


Thank you.

I've no doubt the founders had this very situation in mind when they enshrined our 2nd Amendment rights.

I've always been in favor of tasering people who use cell phones in movies (even on silent they're too bright), and I would taser the talking bro, too.

Stealing beer? They should be tasered, THEN shot (after they wake up).

insomniac: get out of my brain! I swear that was word for word what I was going to say!

*cue the Twilight Zone music*

In fact, if we had concealed carry in Chicago, I'd be spending what's left of my 401(k) on ammo.

Posted by: Betsy | 01:25 PM on December 29, 2008

Yeah Betsy, but how far are two shells going to get you?


I've mentioned elsewhere that we had to leave the theater showing The Dark Knight twice this summer (and get refunds) because people just wouldn't shut up, to the point where even my mild-mannered wife was considering violence. This idiotic woman was defending her right to bring her 4 your old to see that movie, and to have a conversation throughout. And since management was unwilling to do anything about it, we left.

I found the above referenced theater PSA. Click here.

The "Button" movie had a "button" man in the audience?

ah ... nevermind ...

When I wuz young (yes, THAT long ago), one SHHHHHHH from the ticket-taker wuz enuf to keep us quiet ... upon fear of being kicked out, and our parents learning of our indiscretion ... and not getting our 16-cent admission refunded ... (I SAID it wuz a long time ago ... )

Sadly, Mrs. Thunking is a movie talker, actually a questioner. From the first scene she will ask "Who's that?" "What did he just say?" "What just happened?" "How is this gonna turn out?" As the movie progresses, the questions and answers become longer and longer, to the point where we watch 15 seconds, then spend a minute discussing what happened in that 15 seconds, then watch another 15 seconds... We only rent movies now, and it takes 2 night to watch one.

Yo, Jeff! Remember: I watch "24" -- I can get more mayhem outta a couple of bullets, a butter knife and my bare hands than a whole infantry division.

Stealing Schneider Weisse, Sierra Nevada, Erdinger, Duvel or Widmer Porter: Felony
Stealing Sam Adams, Molson, LaBatt's Blue, or Beck's Dark: Misdemeanor
Stealing C00rs, Bud, Miller: a public service

Ok, Meanie - which beer drinker is most likely carrying a gun - a SchneiderWeinie, or a Miller drinker? Using that logic, which one would you roll for beer?

If someone is voluntarily drinking a Miller, then you're dealing with a psychotic in any case (har!).

*waiting for Meanie's beer roll decision*

I prefer pretzels with my beer.

refresh. refresh.
I feel refreshed.

Exactly. So you'd be nutso to try to steal beer from a psycho. Much easier to swipe it from a SchneidieWeinie.


...we had to leave the theater showing The Dark Knight twice this summer (and get refunds) because people just wouldn't shut up, to the point where even my mild-mannered wife was considering violence.

That is the reason I haven't watched a movie in the theater in 6 years.

why the picture of Shreck?

*Tries to fathom why I would want, even hypothetically, to steal a Miller*

You can't have my beer.

There is a special level of hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk in a theatre.

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