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December 19, 2008


...something really special?

(Thanks to Bruce Webster)


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The gift would p!ss me off less than the lawnmower for birthday/anniversary/Fathers' Day/Bar Mitzvah that I received this summer.

How lovely. Morning Glory is my favorite.

You might need Peyronie's Disease to use some of those things.

I notice there is no Venus flytrap.

I dunno. I just don't see the fun of peeing into a giant flower. Now if you were to rig this up so that there were targets inside of there and the urinal would electronically keep track of things like distance, accuracy, strength of flow, etc.....well THEN you've got my interest.

A urinal by any other name would still smell as disgusting.

arent those a tad femme for pappa?

i would think maybe a wood chipper, or garbage disposal would be much better.

but that should go on next year's Barry's list o gifts, for sure.

people have an awful lot of free time.

First time I've seen reverse projection of phallic symbols.

I quite agree, Queensbee. This model would be a lot more appropriate for the rec room...

A guy who wants one of these is NOT likely to be a dad...

allen, are you implying he may be an egg lusting penguin?

CALLA LILY URINAL, Ok that would be just too weird.

For real men you should make an Urinal that looks like a tree or a pile of snow.

Am I the only one who finds the Orange Orchid Urinal to be... rather obscene looking? At least from the top?

ARGHHHHH!!! SH's "singing clown urinal" is wrong on so many levels. Puts Pennywise to shame.

Wish I had seen this site earlier. I recently p!ssed in a nautilus and was served with an injunction from PETA.


Man, I could have sooooo much fun with this.

Jack-in-the-Pulpit? Sounds like yes.

Let me know when he makes a gas tank urinal.

I have a dial-up connection so I did not have time to see all those photos load, however, I want to say that having a urinal in your home is a good idea. I have one. It does not smell any more than any other toilet that is kept clean. If properly positioned, it reduces a lot of the splatter that comes from an ordinary toilet. An added bonus is that it eliminates all those endless arguments about the toilet seat. In addition, future archaeologists will know that a man lived in your house.

What is this dial-up thing you speak of?

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