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December 24, 2008


Police have busted a gang of serial mourners.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Sob Sob Sob Sob
Sob Sob Sob.

Oh, a different kind of serial mourners.

Could someone pass the bacon?

Why would anyone want to mourn cereal?? Does cereal die?

*hair flip*

ot: i read one of the late alan coren's books of essays where he said his research showed in the u.k. ,the most popular subjects for books were sports, pets, and world war ii. That explained why the book was called "Golfing for Cats" and bore a large swastika on the cover.

Whoa! almost psychic simul there, NMUA!

Disturbed minds think alike. Annie told me.

Yeah, about 2 minutes after you pour the milk on it.

One of the sidebar headlines was "Fake Wake Nabs Funeral Crashers". Nice rhythm, very succinct--the editor gives it an "A".

Mornin', cereal. Yes, I told Siouxie that. Butt I'm quite surprised she listened.

This whole scheme seems so very British.

I'm disappointed in Dave. Serial Mourners is a good name for a rock band. No?

*Uses her spirit powers to zap them* shame, shame but i have to admit I like free cake :-)

In Ireland, you'd pay keening women to mourn the dead. Especially if you didn't feel like extolling the virtues of a particularly unliked person. Maybe you felt more like celebrating his passing with a stiff drink...

Bridget:Father, Father, it's terrible. Me husband passed away last night.

Father Mike:Bridget, I'm so sorry for your loss. Before he died, did he have any final requests?

Bridget: Yes he did, Father. He said, "Bridget, put down that gun."

Sometime in the future if I'm down on my luck and need a free meal---------------.One never can be too sure.

I read about the guy that stuffed Corn Flakes® in his victims pockets.He turned out to be a cereal killer.

Was one of them named Harold?

How much of life could you have if your main goal is to crash funerals? Most people go out of their way to avoid them.

M'ville - I think their main goal was to eat. For free. Maybe I shoulda asked Santa for some nice black clothing.

Reminds me of the anecdote from Ricky Gervais ("The Office" fame.) His mother passed away and the vicar asked the children what qualities about his mother he could mention during the service.
"Well," he answered, "she was a pretty keen racist."

Do you really need another riding crop Annie?
Merry Christmas, btw

Merry Christmas, jug. Yes, I do - I wore my last one out.

Wowsa, Annie. You went out nekkid except for the riding crop?? YEEEEHOOOWWWIE!!

Merry Christmas, jug (LTNS)!

I'm done wrapping and corn casseroles are in the oven. Getting ready for "Noche Buena" at my sister's.

The absolute BEST funeral skit has to be
Chuckles Bites the Dust from Mary Tyler Moore.

(the funeral hilarity starts @ around 6:50)

Eating and drinking, yes, butt don't forget the all-important comforting of the grieving babes!

Meanwhile, a little carol.

LMAO CJ. That was way cool!

As a kid, I would have welcomed these crashers because guess who had to eat all the leftovers from the funerals and weddings? The pastor's kids. The ladies at church made one funeral food so often that we took to calling it "Deadman's Hotdish."

"You know, some women do look good in black" - Tom T. Hall [Ballad Of Forty Dollars]

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