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December 19, 2008


Man accused of Listerine-fueled bender in Wal-Mart bathroom

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Hey. At least he had minty breath.

So alcohol was not involved, then?

Listerine is NOT fuel.

I think he might want to consider enrolling in a 12 36-step program.

OMG - it's Captain Kangaroo!!!

For that minty fresh bender.

As a teenager, a friend and I were out driving. He decided to try to get drunk on "lemonade" made with lemon extract.
Later that night, he leaned out the window and put some interesting racing stripes on my dad's car.
His breath was lemony fresh, however.

I bet the judge won't mints words.

"Hey Bob, this tequila tastes off..."

Maybe you haven't sampled it enough?

Good color, bright bouquet, hint of toothpaste and Lifesavers, long finish with some alcohol heat. A good year.

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