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December 23, 2008


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The Letsaporkher River?

Rescuers winched the driver and his 26-year-old girlfriend to safety where paramedics treated them for exposure.

Or perhaps, over exposure.

Maybe this was just their clumsy attempt at desensitization

It's shrinkage!!!

The should go to The Chuck to use the tubes instead of their car.

Why did they give the age of the woman and not the man?

So, was the girl hot?

No, she was really frigid!

if the car's a rockin'...and falling into the river...don't go knockin'

Beauty stop?

So bye-bye, Miss Komsomolskaya Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee and it fell in.

"Sasha dahlink -- Should the earth STILL be moving...?"

Bet that cooled things off for a while.

That is SO not hot.

Moon--because the age of the man never matters at all.

Well, unless he's with a cougar. Then it matters.

Watching the submarine races is different there, I guess.

...we will check the brakes next time.

A four sentence story and sooooo many comments.

The couple told rescue workers in Moscow that they had driven to the beauty stop, beside the Lihoborka River, for a kiss and a cuddle.

I can't be the only one who read that as "beauty shop" and wondered why.

But their passion proved too strong for the car's brakes

Would make an excellent ad for Midas.

Rescuers winched the driver and his 26-year-old girlfriend to safety where paramedics treated them for exposure.

Can't imagine where they attached the winch to drag 'em out. Well, I can but...

There's a wetness-related joke in here somewhere but far be it from me to take the plunge.

Colder than a witches ...

-"e", +"'"

"OOoooh, Pavel, you are so aroused!"

"Um, no Natasha, I'm over here. That's the handbrake."

Hot and Heavy In My Cool Chevy

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