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December 21, 2008


We report; you decide.


(Thanks to CJrun)


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Was he howling like a wolf?

...had a brainwave....
I had one of those once....

I'm not so sure these sheep are that stupid. After all, I'd do the same thing if you held up a picture of Geraldo Rivera.

Shear genius.

..or Wolf Blitzer....if he hits them with the poster, who cares what's on the poster? They're gonna run away regardless.

I suspect many people sent this one in.

And yes, Dogless Shepherd WBAGNFARB.

i'm pretty sure that middle one is on stilts.

The right poster makes all the difference...


Thanks CJ. I needed that.

That is precisely how it works

* reaches up and snags excess 'works' *

If he holds up a picture of an electric shears, does all their wool fall off?

Well, I tried to answer Dave's question by holding up a poster of a wolf in front of a bunch of asparagus. They showed no fear at all.

Draw your own conclusions.

Dave, I can but quote Harlan Ellison:

"You have maligned a noble vegetable".

Where did Ellison say that?

... um ... pogo? ... mebbe in the checkout line?

Bah! Ram! Ewe!

No, I do not think the one in the middle is "cute". (Even if she did give me a sheepish look)

No one is going to pull the "wolf" over my eyes!

Go Giants!

If it works in politics, why not with sheep ?

Yes, sheep are stupider than asparagus. However, they're still smarter than the average audience of the O'Reilly Report.

This economy must truly suck if they are now outsourcing the work of sheepdogs.

Actually, the audience of the O'Reilly "No Spin" Factor (I do the Report, knucklehead) is *almost* as sharp as mine. Too bad you can't recognize that fact.

Live it.

Learn it.

Live it.

Giants win in OT!!!!

Scrambled eggnog for everybody!

O'Reilly has an audience? I thought he bought his Nielsen numbers with a government grant.

BeLated *snork* for AWBH...

*holds up large mint jelly jar, watches sheep break into full run*

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