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December 31, 2008


And a tip for headline writers in the Greenwich area...


(Thanks to leetie and Chuck Cody, who adds, "It's none of my business.")


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I don't even wanna know.

I vote that to be "2008 Headline of the Rear"!

Mianus will now pucker up, thank you very mucho.

Sewage into Mianus...
Isn't that backward?

I'm sorry, but that sorta reminds me of that old "medical staff-type" joke ...

If you're in trouble, when your friends don't get you out, your enemas will."

(Hey! I SAID I wuz SORRY!)

There's a tee pee in Mianus *snork*

Guess the Patriots were 'eliminated.'

Even a non-low flow toilet will have to be double flushed.

It wouldn't have been a problem if they had the fart silencer inserted.

LOL Leetie. I remember that one. Too funny!!

"Mel Gibson has a house in Mianus?"

Mianus is a river in western Connecticut and flows under Interstate 95. In 1982 the I-95 bridge collapsed. A friend of mine was a state trooper at the time was awoken in the middle of the night and told to report to Mianus immediately. "Um, excuse me sir?"

And there is a gas line adjacent to the sewer, complicating matters... Who does one colon to fix such a disaster?

Must have been that chili cook-off.

as opposed to Uranus, presumably...

Sorta like I feel the day after Thanksgiving.

There's something strange afoot in Mianus.

I got nuthin'. In Mianus.

I remember that, Fozzy. My dad was a bridge design engineer for the NY Dept of Transportation. He freaked on that accident.

I was giggling at the name. It's a Seneca Indian word meaning 'white man needs more fiber.'

So, what brings you to Mianus?

Come here often?


"Hey, baby, wanna fool around?"

"Where can we go?"

"I know a great spot down by Mianus."

Every road leads to Mianus.

The headline writer is being asinine...

How long do you plan to stay in Mianus?

I seem to have a fascination with Mianus.

Due to inclement weather my brother was stuck in Mianus for three days last winter.

There's a party in Mianus, and everyone's invited!

What happens in Mianus, stays in Mianus...

Mianus is always in the news.

Anyone up for a trip around Mianus?

Meet you in Mianus.

I hear Mianus is a dump.

The sun never shines in Mianus.

Butt the moon is always full.

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's Mianus

Better the sewage hits Mianus than, say, Portsmouth.


Lol, sxi. All your base are belong to mianus.

Moon Over Mianus.

Her name was Lola. I made her famous.
From the hottest spot north of Mianus.

Al Franken is canvassing Mianus for absentee ballots.

The Enterprise has been circling Mianus searching for Klingons.

NASA probes for life in Mianus.

eeeewww at Leetie's Klingons!


TIEWWT (There Is Everything Wrong With That).

It seems like you all have been waiting a long time for something like this to happen! In Mianus.

Several wayward travelers have become stuck in Mianus on occasion.

I keep wanting to close the screen on this thread, but exciting and new things keep happening in Mianus.

Mianus is like the Hotel California.

I left my heart in Mianus! ♪♫

Anyone seen a gerbil in Mianus?

Can astronomers see Uranus from Mianus?

Do you know anything about the availability of gas in Mianus?

A major lava flow is spewing for miles from Mianus as a result of violent volcanic activity!

Are we finally done with Mianus??

Mianus never sleeps

Okay, that's enough. I'm pulling the plug on Mianus right now.

Goodnight from Mianus...

Everybody's got a cousin in Mianus...

And in protest to high water/sewer bills, thousands of gallons of human waste were dumped into the Mianus during the infamous Greenwich Poo Party.

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