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December 23, 2008


Get out now.


(Thanks to Siouxie, who notes that France has already surrendered)


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"Isopods": Microsoft's hip response to the Ipod.

These frightening creatures may look like enormous woodlice, but are actually ancient Isopods that live deep under the waves.

*makes note - don't go swimming, EVER*

Why didn't they blow up (NTTAWWT!!!!!) from the pressure difference of 6000-foot deep water to 0-foot deep water?

TDPC - Because THEY CAN'T BE KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!


Wet hessian and newspaper is not nearly enough to hold them!!

We're gonna need bigger wood.

The creatures are crustaceans related to... crabs.

Yeah, you might want to see a doctor if one of those guys turns up in your undies.

I'd have to see a shrink if one of those guys turns up in my undies.

DPC, usually things like that are transported in pressurized tanks, but I suspect these were just kept moist and nearly frozen, so they just went into torpor. Or garlic butter.

"The spooky one foot long Giant Isopods live up to 6,000ft down"

That's not NEARLY far enough. Dig them a trench.

Hey Clown, you find one of those in your shorts you'll handle the shrinking all by yourself. I personally could execute a full retraction.

get 'em to roll up and then surprise your bowling league!

Here ya go, Siouxie. I assume this will be 'bigger' enough.

Thanks, Baron but I have my own wood.

Wet Hessian? Is that what you get when you dip a Frankfurter in water?

The creatures are crustaceans related to the shrimp and crabs.

I'm torn. Should I prepare cocktail sauce or drawn butter?

Hmmm, I guess that person works at Paris Hilton's laundromat.

Anyone have the cajones to click the "Enlarge" button?

Pssssst...Layzee?? it's cOjones and I did ;-P

Cheryl, looks like a freaky lobster to me...so butter would be my choice.

Lo siento, Siouxie.

Bathynonomous Giganteous
are what you don't want to find after you drain the tub.

Note to Pinnochio: wash hair frequently.

Bathynonomous giganteus wbafnfa ... um ... nevermind ...

Looks like a monster water cockroach. 'Course I may be wrong. I don't get to come South often enough to get that familiar with cockroaches.

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